The artificial intelligence "ship ticket" was madly robbed by the Big Three.

As the next vent, artificial intelligence, every company hopes to get its own ticket in this new field. From the perspective of artificial intelligence entrepreneurship, the United States and Europe are more intensive and more numerous in the world, followed by China, India and Israel. It is worth noting that China's investment in the field of artificial intelligence has accelerated significantly. Some vertical progress has been made in vertical fields such as speech recognition and image recognition, and some good applications have been born. However, in general, the development of artificial intelligence in China is still in a relatively early stage. From this perspective, although the technology giants have the inherent advantages of developing artificial intelligence, but who is the industry "unicorn", it still takes time to prove.

Artificial intelligence "boat ticket" was snapped up Who is the next "unicorn"? _ artificial intelligence, internet of things, cloud computing
   Google: Artificial intelligence is full of possibilities
Recently, Google has made great strides in the artificial intelligence market.
First, on November 22nd, a new artificial intelligence laboratory dedicated to deep learning technology was established in Montreal, Canada. As a new field in machine learning research, the motivation of deep learning lies in the establishment and simulation of the human brain for analytical learning neural networks, which mimic the mechanism of the human brain to interpret data, such as image recognition, speech recognition and text recognition. "Google Brain" is a software that simulates the human brain and has self-learning capabilities. It is also a result of Google's deep learning. The development of Google's driverless cars is based on the "Google brain." Google chose to set up an artificial intelligence lab in Montreal, Canada, because Montreal is a talent center for deep learning technology. Therefore, the establishment of the Google Montreal AI Lab is part of Google's intensive contact with the Montreal Deep Learning Community.
Subsequently, Google artificial intelligence company DeepMind has created a new technology that can improve learning efficiency - let robots dream. It is reported that this artificial intelligence technology dream originated from the video game scene in Atari. With this technology, DeepMind researchers can achieve faster learning efficiency by 10 times. This speed may be faster as AI technology improves.
  Samsung: Install "artificial intelligence brain" for hardware
In the current consumer electronics field, the trend of hardware and software integration has become increasingly obvious. After a number of technology giants have tried to combine software and hardware development, Samsung has also begun to actively deploy its own artificial intelligence strategy, hoping to gain greater software through software-driven hardware development. User loyalty and higher profit margins. After years of strong hardware hard work, Samsung is working hard to transform itself into a software-driven company that will enable software to drive and lead the company's business. In this transformation process, artificial intelligence is clearly the only way.
In the history of the development of smart phones, APP plays a very important role. After artificial intelligence is added to the mobile phone, the smart phone will be able to get rid of many apps, and it is convenient to find applications and complete tasks through direct communication between man and machine. . In this regard, Viv has undoubtedly been at the forefront of the industry. After the acquisition of Viv, Samsung has also entered the research and development of artificial intelligence "brains". Moreover, Samsung has a strong hardware and software industry chain capabilities - hardware, channel and market capabilities, these advantages will allow it to have a high starting point in the new hardware field, providing an innate advantage for its entry into the smart home market.
   Intel: Turn on artificial intelligence "adventure trip"
With the great heat of artificial intelligence technology, it will soon become the core technology to reshape the enterprise IT, and let the industry giants who are in the high position continue to maintain their advantages. Intel, which has been focusing on the PC business, has also begun its own "adventure journey" in recent years, investing in areas such as the Internet of Things, autonomous driving and artificial intelligence, and hopes to accelerate the development of next-generation applications.
In October last year, Intel announced the acquisition of Saffron, an artificial intelligence company, to increase its investment in artificial intelligence technology. At present, Intel chips have been deployed in 97% of the world's data centers containing AI work content. The company's Xeon and XeonPhi chips are the most used chip products in the machine learning field. More worth mentioning is that in order to enhance its competitiveness in the artificial intelligence market, Intel recently announced the acquisition of the startup Nervana Systems. After the successful acquisition, the company said that "Nervana technology is expected to increase the speed of the deep learning system by 100 times in the next three years compared to graphics chips."

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