Programmer brush moon cake was opened? I also have something to be honest...

Although the Mid-Autumn Festival is over, the buddies are still in full swing discussing the "moon cake door" incident, and the circle of friends is almost smashed. Nani? You do not know! Simply å¿’out! Let Xiao Bian come to let you know a bit, so things are like this: ~4 programmers use hacking technology, more than a box of 124 boxes of moon cake in-qualification qualifications, the result was fired by the company ... really is caused by the moon cake moribund .

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Actually, after two days, Raycop Ricardo, one of our most popular bed-cleaning experts in Japan, had a big event. I didn't want to tell you to steal a few of them myself, so I honestly told you that...


From September 26 to September 27, Raycop Richardt, a bedridden decontamination expert, teamed up with Tmall to launch the “Huan New Season” event, which superbly rewarded consumers. The highest price cuts have reached 800 yuan! It's been awful!

Poly cost-effective 1: RS series three-piece, original price 3699, activity price 3099 yuan!

During the event before 100 buy Jisong Star Starbucks gift card + pillow + standard filters

The first 101-200 purchases are sent to Starbucks Gift Cards + Standard Filters

Comments sun single also sent micro allergen filter oh

Poly cost-effective 2: RP series, original price 5499, activity price 5399 yuan!

During the event, you can purchase the micro-allergenic strainer with the value of ¥599 for the matching storage table + standard filter + ¥199.

Comments sun single also enjoy 100 yuan cash red envelope

Poly cost-effective 3: lite series, original price 1999, activity price 1799 yuan!

During the event, the top 80 buyers will receive Starbucks 100 Star Gift Card + standard filter.

Single order full 2 sets are sent to the corresponding storage table (separate address delivery)


Active link here! Don't say I didn't tell you, go to the collection store early and wait for it! !



"Wait, it's awesome to force, but what do you say about Raycop Ricoh's vacuum cleaner?

Dangdang, that is the good helper of the smart home cleansed by the male god Eguchi, Yosuke Yosuke - Japan's ultra-popular Raycop Rika Fu mattress purification artifact!

Raycop Ricardo was founded by Dr. Lee Seung-Jin, MD. When he was a physician in the field of immunology, he was deeply troubled by many patients suffering from allergies. He found that 70% of patients' allergies were caused by worms, PM2.5 and other harmful substances. Although drugs can relieve symptoms, they can not cure the source of the disease. In order to solve the problem from the root, Li Chengjin began to specifically target the bed.褥 Purified Raycop R&D.

This artifact, called mattress mites, PM2.5, bacteria and other substances harmful to health, "Terminator", the original "light and purification technology", "three balanced technology", "double filtering", "hot air dehumidification drying technology "and other major core technology, professional sterilization mites, effective purification mites, PM2.5, bacteria and more invisible substances harmful to health, to protect your bedding environment, defend your health.

As the founder, developer and leader of the bed-type vacuum cleaner category, Raycop's footprint has spread to 24 countries around the world and has become the trusted choice for 6 million users. Raycop hopes that more consumers can experience and enjoy the most advanced bedtime purification technology and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

"Is it really that important to sterilize my beard and purify my bed?"

The documentary "Under the Dome", which was produced with Chai Jing's shooting, was broadcast on the Internet and raised concerns about smog and environmental pollution. People's attitude toward haze has also become an examination of their own health. In life, people began to get used to choosing air conditioners with ventilation and purification functions, and even purchased air purifiers to purify the air in our home environment.

However, I do not know whether you pay attention to, as long as the shaking of the sheets, the air purifier will soon be red! Why? This is because locusts, PM2.5, and other harmful substances in the mattresses enter the air, causing indoor pollution. Research shows that mattresses are the main source of indoor pollution ! The worms, PM2.5, bacteria, mold, pollen, dander, and other harmful substances are all over the place. These sources of pollution can cause many diseases such as allergic rhinitis, pharyngitis, allergic dermatitis, and asthma , which directly threaten our health. !  

And these materials will be dispersed in the air from time to time, and the air purifier can only absorb the floating pollutants in the air, but can not go deep into the bed, solve the root cause of indoor pollution. Therefore, if you really want to purify the home environment, the bedrock is the primary source of pollution!



That Raycop Rica rich bedding purification vacuum cleaner in the end what does nirvana?

As the founder, developer and leader of bed-type vacuum cleaners, Raycop has created several major core technologies such as “ Light /Purifying Technology”, “Three Balanced Technologies”, “Double Filtration”, and “Hot Air Drying and Dehumidifying Technology”. Technology, professional to deal with "bed waste", effective removal of locusts, PM2.5 and other harmful substances, to protect the bed environment. The following will introduce all kinds of high-tech technology, humanized design and superior performance of Raycop Ricardo's bed purifiers and vacuum cleaners (taking Raycop family's high-end model RP as an example).

Advantages 1. Original "Light and Purification Technology"  

It has functions of sterilizing, removing helium, and purifying 3-in-1. Ultraviolet ray with wavelength of 253.7nm can effectively sterilize and eradicate cesium. With smart humanized design, it is safe, reliable and safe to use. The Raycop RP series is equipped with a high-speed rotating mattress that effectively removes hair and dander and protects the surface of the mattress. 3,600 vibrations per minute are tapped to beat out harmful substances such as locusts and PM2.5. Excellent suction, which removes harmful substances such as locusts, PM2.5, etc., to achieve deep purification of the mattress.


Advantages 2. New hot air drying and dehumidification technology

When the human body is sleeping, the amount of perspiration is equivalent to a glass of water (about 250ml). During this process, the mattress will gradually become wet. The moisture in the mattresses will not only affect the quality of sleep, but more importantly, the moist environment will make it easier for the locusts to breed and threaten our health. Raycop RP's new hot air drying and dehumidification technology uses internal heating of air to around 70°C to effectively remove the internal moisture of the mattress, improve the air flow above the mattress, increase the fluffy softness of the mattress, and can use high temperatures to kill parasites. In the locusts, to create a clean, comfortable and healthy sleep environment.

Advantages 3. Three Balanced Technologies, Highly Efficient Suction

Through the superposition effect of "light and purification technology" to achieve a high purification effect, Raycop has been focusing on the purification of mattresses and has achieved "reasonable mainframe weight" and "non-adsorption of mattresses" through the study of a large amount of data on bedcovers of different materials. The excellent balance of the suction and the shape suitable for movement allows you to easily control and achieve efficient purification. Balanced technology to achieve the optimal value, the suction control in the right range of bed purifying products used in the soft bed, can not be used to judge the performance of ordinary vacuum cleaners. Raycop does not adsorb the excellent suction of the mattress so that the purification efficiency and convenience are well balanced.

Advantage 4: Double purification, washable dust box

The harmful substances such as locusts and PM2.5 in the dust box will re-enter the air when cleared, which will lead to secondary pollution. From the perspective of health, the doctor of medicine designed Raycop's dust box as a "washable" method to prevent secondary pollution. The “washable” dust box is equipped with a HEPA 13 micro allergen filter, which can filter 99.9% or more of tiny particles with a diameter of 0.3 μm (less than PM2.5, equivalent to 1/200 of hair wire diameter). Double filtration before and after, to prevent secondary pollution, eliminate clean air. Raycop touches the bottom of the surface of the mattress, and also carefully selects the antibacterial material to keep the host clean at all times, while avoiding bacterial growth under repeated use.

This Raycop RP is a high-level evolution model introduced by Raycop in China in April this year. It is particularly suitable for use during the rainy season. There are too many advantages. Xiaobian is no longer tired. It is recommended that you experience it yourself. Use everyday Ricardo rich bedding purification vacuum cleaner, you can let us enjoy clean and comfortable and healthy mattress, the maximum to prevent the invasion of mites and PM2.5 and other substances harmful to health, but also to avoid a cough, asthma, allergic skin diseases Many diseases! Really comfortable and healthy, it's worth starting!

Of course, if you just don't believe me on one side of the word, then let's look at what the Tmall evaluation says.

The first time you used it, you sucked out all the dirt and dust, and how scary it was that we were sleeping on these "bed rubbish" every day !

Comparing with many brands, Raycop Ricoh was finally chosen to clean the artifact! This user really understands our product, ah, easy to use, does not absorb the quilt!

This user is really witty (thumbs up) and is deeply aware of the harm of locusts, PM2.5 and other harmful substances in the end! It seems that home is equipped with a Rika rich bed purification artifact, really is the primary task ah!


Maybe some netizens will say that diligence and diligence can also eliminate germs. Coming to come to everyone under the science-First, the washing machine itself is a petri dish breeding bacteria, easy to breed bacteria, breeding maggots, and then harm the skin and respiratory health. In addition, according to an experiment conducted by the Tokyo Institute of Environmental Allergies in Japan, even if exposed to sunlight for 6 hours, only 3.8% of worms and other harmful substances can be removed, and harmful substances such as PM2.5 cannot be completely removed. , Beating will cause secondary pollution. What's more, now that the sky is so hazy and hot, I dare to go out and dare not let it go!

So, we still have to solve professional problems through professional methods. Learn to excavator choose Lan Xiang, learn the chef to be on the New Oriental, bed mattress purification will need to choose bed mattress purification expert Raycop Rika Fu! It is reported that Raycop has held the No. 1 throne for many years in Japan, selling 3 units per minute, and has repeatedly topped the list of Yahoo's most popular household appliances. Looking back at friends and relatives around us, many people have begun to realize the importance of the indoor environment and the cleanliness of the bedspread, and smart home appliance enthusiasts have used this artifact. This advancement consciousness is really making this Xiaobian sigh. . However, artifacts are artifacts after all. Thousands of prices are not very close to the people. Fortunately, this time Tmall's promotional efforts that are quite awesome, but also do not start quickly! Eat this Amway! Stay away from allergies and family members, stay away from indoor pollution, enjoy a net sleep, and enjoy a sweet net!

For more information, please call: 400-619-1598

Raycop official website: http://

Raycop Tmall flagship store:

Scan the QR code and welcome to Raycop's official WeChat (raycopchina) website.

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