How invincible is German machinery? After reading these you will know!

German machinery once surprised the world

They use actions to tell the world:

How lonely is invincible

Automated grain harvester

The haystack was made in this way

Haystacks are very useful

such as--

Then it was

One by one

Field operations are operated like this

Clean and tidy

Road weed cutters on both sides of the road

It's working like this

Automatically avoid obstacles

The logging machine in the forest is like this

Do not know that it is a Transformer

So high work efficiency

It's really staggering

The forest cannot be cut

So people built tree planting machines again

Put the seedlings into the device regularly

"Dig a hole to bury the soil

Several 12345"

A sapling

It was so born

When the tree grows up and wants to be removed again?

That's no problem, a few minutes

first step:

Four-claw arm cuts the ground

Root out the tree

The second step:

Landscaping trees

Shipped to a new tree pit

third step:

Put away and leave

There are many kinds of automatic harvesters in Germany

You can pick one to pick flowers

Flowers are sucked into the tank along the channel

You can pick one to pick vegetables

You can also choose a pick grape

Wherever he went, the roots leave

Grapes take away

For different fruits

Germans designed different machines

Take a look at this 7 person picking group

About three people on the left and right, one in the middle

Work efficiency grows exponentially

Look carefully

Each station is full of black technology

Picked oranges

Can be put into the machine to peel

Full automation

No problem with vegetable peeling

For example, this carrot peeling machine

Automatic machinery laying railway

Integrated road strip installation and removal

Automated pruning machine

The circle of this circle is absolutely round

People don't need to be outdoors

Wind and sun work

Single transplanting artifact

One person more than a dozen people live

There is also a winter home snow shovel artifact

Non-slip, high efficiency, endless fun

The pursuit of the German people

In addition to the shape of science fiction, advanced technology

Pursue absolute high quality

Look at the motorcycles produced by others in 1928

Just insist on maintenance

Nearly a hundred years later I can still be on fire

Riding on a throttle

Still take you to find poetry and distant ~

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