In 2016, artificial intelligence messed up these ten events.

In the past year, artificial intelligence technology is reviving. Unmanned driving, speech recognition, and AlphaGo, the master of Go, reflect the rapid development of artificial intelligence. However, we also have to notice that artificial intelligence may have problems. We need to learn from it and avoid more mistakes in the future.

Recently, Roman Yampolskiy, director of the Information Security Laboratory at the University of Louisville, summarized the failures of artificial intelligence in a paper that was directly related to the problems caused by the design of artificial intelligence systems.

Yabolsky said that these problems can be attributed to errors in the learning or application phase of artificial intelligence systems.

According to Yabolsky and several other experts, the TechRepulice website summarizes the top 10 failures of artificial intelligence in 2016.

1. Artificial intelligence used to predict crime becomes racist

Northpointe has developed an artificial intelligence system that predicts the likelihood that a criminal will have another crime. This is considered to be racially discriminatory: the system generally believes that black criminals are at higher risk of committing crimes again.

Another media commentary called ProPublica said that Northpointe's software "doesn't usually make effective predictions, regardless of the race of the offender."

2. NPCs in video games create weapons that break through the original plan.

In June of this year, an electronic game called "Elite: Dangerous" had an unexpected event. Artificial intelligence developed a super weapon in the game, breaking through the game design. According to a game website report, "The player is pulled into the battle, and the other ship is equipped with a ridiculous weapon that will tear the player into pieces." Game developers then rolled the weapons off the assembly line.

3, the robot accidentally injured young children

In July of this year, the "Criminal Robot" developed by the Knightscope platform hit a 16-month-old child in a shopping mall in Silicon Valley.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the company said it was a "strange accident."

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