Obama Says Farewell to Video Full Version, Smart TV Watching Method

Eight years ago, the world's attention to the drama came to the United States because the appointment of the first black president, Obama, was epoch-making. Eight years later, the eyes of the world’s people once again gathered in the United States because the president of this legendary career is about to End its presidential career. Looking back at the White House career during the eight years, Obama responded to the financial crisis, restarted the auto industry, continued to increase job opportunities, normalized U.S.-Cuban relations, reached Iran’s nuclear agreement, and killed the leader of the “base” terrorist organization, Bin Laden, in his speech. More than 20 million Americans have received Medicaid's "Act of Cheaper Medicare" as their governing spot.

Obama's farewell speech gave thanks to the opening. He expressed his gratitude to the American people for keeping him honest and giving him inspiration, and allowed him to have a way forward.

The Chicago Convention and Exhibition Center was so full of people that night that about 20,000 people came to hear the news. At the time of Obama’s speech, the crowd often called for "another four years." When referring to his wife and daughter, Obama has shed tears on several occasions.

Obama changed his slogan "Yes We Can" from his campaign of 8 years ago to "Yes We Did" and ended his speech.
Now that not only computers can see Obama's farewell speeches, smart TVs can also be seen. You only need to install the "TV viewer" through the sofa butler to see the full version of the speech video.
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Obama's farewell speech video from TV viewers

Obama's farewell speech video screenshot

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