Teach you to buy a "perfect" outdoor bluetooth speaker

We all know that the bluetooth speaker is small in size, full in function, easy to carry and convenient to sing songs. In the whole multimedia speaker consumer group, the number of word-of-mouth is one of the best, which also causes the bluetooth speaker products on the market to be full of dazzling, how to choose a satisfactory one. Bluetooth speakers have become a consideration for many people. Today, Xiaobian will mainly introduce you to the important things about the purchase of outdoor Bluetooth speakers:

1. Life is the key, you will not only have three or five hours of outdoor travel, then you don't have to walk a few steps without electricity, then listen to a hair! After going out, I still have to think about saving electricity. I am afraid that there is no electricity, etc. There is no power in the outdoor, so this is a key battery capacity as possible.

2. To be waterproof, it is very important to prevent it from falling outside. It will inevitably rain, fall and bump, and the waterproof level depends on the IPX level of their standard. The higher the level is 1-10, the more powerful it is, whether there is a certificate.

3. Volume size, here we must pay attention to the purchase of skills, here to share with you experience, outdoor, do not choose which kind of speaker is small, we also think that small and convenient to carry portable, but I do not know that is a Chicken ribs, outdoor empty noise, which kind of small speaker is useless sound and small noise, no enjoyment, and battery life is short. Therefore, when you buy it, you can choose two speakers with a bass vibrating disc when the volume is acceptable. The sound quality is good.

4. A problem that everyone pays little attention to is the Bluetooth chip. This is also very important. Most people don't understand it. The chip is related to the performance stability of the product, and the sound quality is good. So far, the CSR chip is better. Note that you should try not to buy the Bluetooth and card function speakers, because the multi-function chip is very poor, it is easy to go wrong.

5. It is portability and versatility. A speaker can best meet the portability and use in many different environments. For example, climbing can be used, beach camping, cycling, walking, home use, etc. are all perfect.

After reading the above introduction, everyone will have a bottom in the future when choosing a bluetooth speaker. It is time to choose a good and durable speaker for yourself!

LC To SC UPC Duplex

Relative to LC To SC UPC Duplex,Optical fiber jumpers (also known as optical fiber connectors), that is, optical fiber connectors that are connected to optical modules, are also available in many types, and they cannot be used mutually. The SFP module is connected to the LC fiber optic connector, and the GBIC is connected to the SC fiber optic connector. The following is a detailed description of several commonly used optical fiber connectors in network engineering:
â‘ FC-type fiber jumper: The external strengthening method is a metal sleeve, and the fastening method is a turnbuckle. Generally used on the ODF side (most used on the distribution frame)
â‘¡SC type optical fiber jumper: the connector that connects to the GBIC optical module, its shell is rectangular, and the fastening method is a plug-in latch type, without rotation. (Most used on router switches)
â‘¢ST type optical fiber jumper: commonly used in optical fiber distribution frame, the shell is round, and the fastening method is turnbuckle. (For 10Base-F connection, the connector is usually ST type. Commonly used in optical fiber distribution frame)
â‘£LC-type optical fiber jumper: the connector for connecting the SFP module, which is made by the easy-to-operate modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism. (Router commonly used)

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