Challenge SurfacePro Lenovo MIIX4 only 4199 yuan

IT168 What is worth buying to mention the popular two-in-one product on the market, Microsoft's Surface Pro4 is undoubtedly a benchmark, but today Xiaobian brought you this two-in-one tablet, but has a strong enough mobile office The ability to challenge Surface Pro4, it is Lenovo MIIX4, this two-in-one product in Gome Online is priced at only 4199 yuan , interested friends do not miss it. Click for details

Today's Value Product Recommendation (Price is for reference only) Lenovo MIIX4 12-inch 2K screen / 4GB RAM / 128GB SSD / 0.77kg / 9mm 4199 yuan See recent all-around models review (sort by price) Acer ES1-331 4GB/500GB/13.3 inch compact/thin to 13mm/1.49kg 1989 yuan View Lenovo's new Air 12 m3-6Y30/4G/128G SSD/13.4mm/1.2kg 2999 yuan View Samsung Notebook9 lite i5-6200U/8G/256GB SSD /17.95mm/1.34kg 4678 yuan View HP Envy13 i5-6200U/4GB/128GB SSD/12.95mm/Metal fuselage 4899 yuan to view Lenovo Y700-15 i5-6300HQ/GTX960M/FHD IPS/ gaming level gaming this 5099 yuan View the thinnest at the Macbook Air 11.6 only 3mm/Core i5/4GB/128GB SSD 5688 yuan View ThinkPad Black will S5 i5-6300HQ /4GB/1TB/GTX960M/FHD IPS 5999 yuan View ThinkPad T460 i5-6200U / carbon fiber alloy / splatter / 940MX/21mm 6599 yuan View ThinkPad X260 i5-6200U/8G memory / 192GB SSD / fingerprint recognition 7399 yuan View

Lenovo MIIX4

In terms of hardware configuration, Lenovo MIIX4 has a 12-inch 2K resolution ultra-high-definition display, and is covered with a third-generation Corning Gorilla protective glass, equipped with a sixth-generation Core M3-6Y30 processor, with 4GB of memory and 128GB SSD For the office family, this configuration has been able to meet the daily office needs, and the fanless design of the Core M3 processor also allows office workers to enjoy the comfort of a quiet office. In other respects, the Lenovo MIIX4 weighs only 750g, the machine is thin to 9mm, supports standard keyboard accessories and 2048 pressure pen, and adopts Yoga-style bracelet chain shaft technology at the rear bracket of the whole machine. It can support any angle smoothly. , increase the adaptability of Lenovo MIIX4.

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