Internet of Vehicles rises to the operating system to usher in a new battlefield

According to reports, Microsoft has combined its own Windows with the car to form a car network. After IOS and Android, Windows access to the car made the world's three major operating systems officially in the field of car networking.

The weakness of Microsoft Windows Phone on the mobile side has made the invasion of the Internet become a concern. As early as 2012, Microsoft announced a partnership with Toyota to establish a global automotive system based on Windows Azure, a key step in the success of the car network layout. The access to Windows has opened up Microsoft's "Druid Two Pulses" in the direction of the Internet of Vehicles. As another follow-up, opponents Apple and Google have already reached the car network early.

At this year's Geneva Motor Show, Apple released the first car version of IOS - Carplay. Strictly speaking, Carplay can only be regarded as the projection of IOS in the car, not the real smart car operating system. Apple, accustomed to doing "bundled consumption," is still pushing the high line, that is, to use "Carplay", you must first buy "Iphone." But Apple's short board on the map makes the GPS function relatively weak.

Although there is a big manufacturer platform, Audi and Cadillac have chosen to abandon Carplay. Cadillac is going to do its own operating system CUE, while Audi is turning to Google. In recent years, Audi has been deliberately replacing BMW as the world's largest luxury car brand. The differentiated technology experience has been included in the consideration of the local tyrants to buy a car. They gave up the apple on the tall and chose the stencil version of Google. Maybe Audi is interested in Android. The ability to transform.

Apple's short board on the map is Google's strength. At this year's CES, Google announced that it has teamed up with Mercedes-Benz to develop the Android version of Android--Android Projected Mode. APM can transfer most of Android's features to the car, and APM is based on smartphones, so it is possible to be compatible with all in-vehicle infotainment systems that support the standard, enabling data to be “taken around”.

Although APM is still in the concept stage, but because Apple's "Carplay" is indeed a bit of a chicken, the industry is looking forward to APM. APM's future advantage will be the same as that of Android. The open platform can be freely used by automakers, and Apple's closed ecosystem will make Carplay's market relatively narrow.

Microsoft faces two big rivals. The advantage lies in the precipitation of the enterprise market and the good mass base of Windows itself. First, having a Bing map next to Google Maps makes Windows a good GPS resource. Second, both Windows CE and Ford Sync have laid a good foundation for development technology. Finally, the strategic cooperation with Tesla will bring Microsoft's smart car into a new era.

It is rumored that Apple will cooperate with Alpine to develop a third-party CarPlay device to adapt to the old models, which will mean that the smart car is not just a "future world" gadget, maybe Microsoft Google should follow the learning to adapt to the moment, grounded gas.

The booming of the Internet of Things has allowed traditional IT giants and Internet giants to see the trend of technology development in the next 20 years. For the unsuccessful car networking market, more and more reliable products should be won. At present, the "war of operating systems" has started in the field of car networking, and the war will become ubiquitous in the next few years.

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