Development and improvement of vacuum switch contacts

Improving the electrode structure of the vacuum switch contact is a necessary condition to promote the development of a large-capacity vacuum interrupter. At present, the improvement of the contact structure has gone through three stages: the disc-shaped flat contact stage, the transverse magnetic contact stage and the longitudinal magnetic field Contact stage.

The disk flat contact is simple in structure and easy to manufacture, but it can only maintain the arc as a diffusion type when the current is not large; by the 1960s, the cup-shaped contact with transverse magnetic field was widely used; the longitudinal magnetic contact The characteristic is that the longitudinal magnetic field effectively suppresses the movement of the arc column of the Sichuan vacuum pump, reduces the loss of radial ions and electrons, improves the breaking capacity of the vacuum circuit breaker, and can maintain the vacuum arc as a diffusion type under high current.

The shielding cover in the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber includes a main shielding cover and a voltage equalizing shielding cover. The voltage equalizing shielding cover can improve the pressure resistance between the contacts, and sometimes in order to further protect the bellows, the bellows will not be burned through by the burning arc , You can further set up a protective shield. Jiangsu vacuum pump shielding cover is generally made of copper or stainless steel, sometimes also made of copper-chromium alloy.

The bellows in the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber are generally welded to the outside of the moving conductive rod and the inner opening of the moving end cover plate to play a sealing role. Due to the continuous opening or closing action of the high-pressure vacuum switch, the ripples in the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber The tube is also continuously compressed or restored, so it is easy to wear, so the bellows can directly determine the mechanical life of the arc extinguishing chamber.

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