It must be removed: the "secret" of the Philips SlimStyle bulb

In December, Philips released a new LED bulb product, the 10.5W SlimStyle. What makes this bulb special is that it is very different from the shape of our common incandescent and energy-saving lamps – because it is flat! The product is now available for sale at Amazon's online price of $9.97. The ad states that Philips' 10.5-watt SlimStyle (with the old-fashioned interface) replaces the standard 60-watt A19, saving up to $136.13 in energy costs.

Stylish, flat design, mercury-free, dimmable, suitable for wall, table and floor lamps, chandeliers or ceiling lamps, with a long life of more than 22.8 years - reducing the hassle of frequent replacement.

Like the old-fashioned light bulb, SlimStyle's white light reaches 800 lumens. However, unlike other inexpensive LED bulbs, the bulb also supports dimmers. Although the warranty is only 3 years, the nominal usage time is as high as 25,000 hours.

Of course, the most interesting part is the size of the SlimStyle bulb! If you put it flat, you will find that it is flat. Unlike the "center lighting" of an ordinary light bulb, SlimStyle's light-emitting part is in the outermost circle.

SlimStyle uses a standard "screw-on" bulb interface that is flatter but wider. In terms of material, it is not easy to be broken or broken due to its hard plastic. Philips said that due to the adoption of LED technology, the bulb's annual average electricity consumption is only 1.26 US dollars. Compared to the playability of Hue smart bulbs, it is clear that SlimStyle's goal is to be more approachable.

Such a product is very curious about its driver circuit and clever heat-dissipating printed circuit board design. After disassembling, you can see a large magnetic component with multiple connector pins at first glance, assuming it is an isolation transformer. On the back side of the printed circuit board, it can be seen that the output of the power FET Q1 goes directly to D8, and its output becomes a yellow-line LED string that points to a non-isolated buck power-boost design. The voltage applied to the LED of 26 just over 78V, indicating that the LED is a series of strings (26 x 3V / LED = 78V). It can be seen that the small component next to the LED is a resistive temperature sensor, which increases the reliability of the bulb. Philips SlimStyle is an impressive and smart bulb design.

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