How to use the kitchen with lights

Kitchen lighting:
The kitchen is the place to cook and wash the dishes. The kitchen lighting must be healthy and practical. Because the kitchen is used for cooking, it has typical functionality. Therefore, the choice of lamps should be functional, that is, provide adequate illumination.
How to use the kitchen with lights
Kitchens are generally small in size, and kitchen lighting is highly demanding to meet the needs of the cooker to operate as desired, and because people spend more time in the kitchen, the lighting should be pleasant and attractive (instructions) 3 installed a warm white light downlight), which can improve the enthusiasm of making food, the selected lamps are waterproof, smoke-proof and easy to clean.
The lamps in the kitchen must have sufficient brightness, so the surface light source LED panel lights and the high power LED downlights (such as 7W, 9W or even 12W) are often used to achieve sufficient brightness of the work surface, as shown in the figure (indication 1 2), integrated ceiling (LED panel light) and LED downlight are installed, the shape is simple, the embedded installation does not take up space, and it is easy to wipe. At the same time, because the installation position is at the top, it should be far away from the cooktop as far as possible. Open steam and soot.

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