Yaming LED downlights create a commercial atmosphere in Sony stores

[Source: "High-tech LED-technology and application" March issue Gu Jing]

People's consumption behavior, consumer demand, and consumption expectations have been changing. With the improvement of material living standards and the accelerated pace of urban life, Chinese consumers' shopping habits have undergone major changes, and modern retail businesses such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, and chain stores are increasingly favored. Shopping has gradually become a habit of people's living habits. The process of enjoying shopping has become one of the purposes of shopping. Therefore, consumers need a good shopping environment and excellent shopping services, which are increasingly becoming an important factor in consumption.

The biggest benefit of lighting for business is to create a comfortable consumer atmosphere that inspires consumers' consumer behavior, needs and hopes. Successfully creating an affinity for the first contact between consumers and goods, "light" is definitely the catalyst for finishing the finishing touch. The composition of the light environment “consumer light environment” consists of different levels of lighting requirements, such as: providing basic safety of basic lighting, highlighting the lighting of displayed goods, emphasizing the design lighting of interior design elements or display windows, and organizing events And the event lighting, and so on. Cutting into different elements has become an opportunity for Yaming to provide lighting products.

This time, Yaming provides energy-saving lighting for basic lighting for Sony's national chain stores. The use of Yaming's LED downlights not only satisfies the lighting effect of the original fluorescent downlights, but also achieves energy saving effects. This project is a milestone in the entry of Yaming LED into the chain industry and is a major event to create word of mouth. Yaming will continue to work hard to bring energy-saving products to thousands of shops.

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