Microsoft's new patent value of 10,000 yuan LED keyboard

Remember the Optimus Maximus keyboard? This LED keyboard worth tens of thousands of dollars really surprised many people! Although the original 300 keyboards have long been robbed, the sky-high keyboard is only for enthusiasts to have a fever. But recently, Microsoft applied for a similar patent, what about Microsoft's keyboard? According to Tom hardware reports, this keyboard patent is similar to the Optimus Maximus keyboard, but the price of Microsoft products is more approachable.
The patent for Microsoft is called "Visual Screen Interactive Keyboard", which was submitted in September 2010, and the USPTO issued the patent on March 22, 2012. Another patent is the option to add different keyboard combinations.
Unlike the Optimus Maximus keyboard, which uses a separate LED for each keyboard, the Microsoft patent uses a single LED display under the physical keyboard. The contents of the lower screen can be seen through the physical keyboard, but the biggest limitation of this design is that the keyboard has a limited viewing angle.
It is not known whether Microsoft has begun to develop such a keyboard, so when the product is listed or the price will not be discussed. But we are still looking forward to Microsoft's peripheral products, although the software giant is now working hard to develop Windows 8, which is more suitable for tablet PCs, but the touch screen and keyboard do not seem to contradict each other, the key depends on what you want to do. We look forward to Microsoft's keyboard and hope to be listed soon.


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