Build a strong smart grid to promote new cross-industry industry in Pakistan

Since the convening of the Bazhong City Industrial Economic Work Conference, all coal, electricity, oil, and gas energy companies have earnestly implemented the spirit of the Bazhong City's industrial economic work conference and actively worked hard for it.

Economic development, electricity first. As a key element of industrial development, the power sector can shoulder heavy burdens. In the key period of accelerating the “fighting and fighting” of the industry in Pakistan, how will the Pakistan-China power sector do a good job in implementing the spirit of the provincial and municipal industrial economic work conference? How will Pakistan create new strategies for promoting industrial strength in the market? In this regard, we recently specially interviewed Fang Qing, the director of the Bazhong Electric Power Bureau.

Q: How do you feel about learning the spirit of the Bazhong City Industrial Economics Working Conference?

Fang Qing: The Bazhong City Industrial Economic Work Conference is encouraging and inspiring. In accordance with the requirements of the meeting, the SIPO conscientiously implemented the spirit of provincial and municipal industrial economic work conferences and actively planned the development of Bazhong Electric Power, in order to boost the strong industrial cities in Pakistan and China, and contribute to the economic and social development of Bazhong.

Q: In the economic and social development of the old service areas, the Pakistan-China Electricity Industry Bureau has trained a top-notch team that can particularly endure hardship, can fight especially, can tackle special problems, and can make special contributions. It has achieved remarkable results and is well-received by the cadres and the masses. In 2011, under your leadership, Bazhong Electric Power was involved in floods and wars, and it was extremely hot. It paid close attention to power grid construction and service quality enhancement and achieved fruitful development results. Please briefly introduce the development of Pakistan-China Power in the past year.

Fang Qing: In the past year, the development of Bazhong Electric Power Co., Ltd. insists on integrating with the overall planning of local economic and social development. It has compiled various types of plans for the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” of Bazhong Power Grid and completed investment of 390 million yuan over 35 kV power grids. Major projects such as major repairs, technical reforms, major agricultural network repairs, technological reforms, urban farmer network reconstructions, and post-disaster reconstruction projects invested 297 million yuan, and completed investment in the secondary grid system and information technology projects totaling 66 million yuan. The Pakistan-China 500-kilovolt power transmission and transformation project was initiated, 18 power transmission and transformation projects with 35 kilovolts and above were started, and 30 projects of 35-kV and above projects were continued and newly started throughout the year, creating a one-year power grid construction density. The greatest history. The 220 kV, 110 kV and 35 kV transmission and transformation projects and their supporting projects were put into operation, and a total of 110 kV substation capacity was added to 80 megavoltages with 54.5 km of lines; the new 35 kV substation capacity was 42.6 megawatts. An, line 86.67 kilometers. Completed and put into operation the post-disaster reconstruction project of the information system, the improved optical fiber communications project, the Pakistan-China Integrated Data Network, and the high-definition video conference system in Pakistan, with an additional 714 kilometers of optical fiber lines. In the year, 530.32 kilometers of 10 kV lines were newly built and transformed, 610 transformers were allocated, and 2098 kilometers of low-voltage lines were solved. This effectively solved the problem of the distribution network card necks and improved the ability of the network to resist disasters and resist risks.

Q: Today's Pakistani China has entered a golden period of industrial development. For the industry to develop greatly, electricity must go first. Regarding the actual development of Pakistan-China industry, how will the Pakistan-China power sector do a good job of preemptive work and better serve Pakistan's strategy of promoting industrial strength?

Fang Qing: Since the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", in accordance with the objectives of "the interaction of the "two industries" of the Central Committee of the Palestinian Nationality, the overall planning of urban and rural areas, catching up across, and accelerating development", new and higher requirements have been put forward for the development of Bazhong Electric Power. In order to better serve the local economic and social development and fully guarantee the power supply in Pakistan, China-Brazil Electric Power Co., Ltd. timely followed up with the urban and industrial development plans, further improved the development plan for the “12th Five-Year Plan” in the Pakistan Power Grid, and adjusted and improved We have urgently established key project reserves; in serving investment projects in the city's major cities, we set up a special team to organize individuals to actively connect with key industrial and people's livelihood projects, and provide them with timely assistance for industrial development and urbanization in Pakistan. High-quality electric power services provide escort for key projects in the city.

During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, Bazhong Electric intends to build a new 500 kV substation and three 220 kV substations. It will expand (expand) the construction of 13 substations of 110 kilovolts and 45 substations of 35 kilovolts, and build or renovate 10,000. The low-voltage line of 20,464 kilometers or below is gradually built with a 500-kilovolt transformer substation as a power point and a 220-kilovolt double-ring network as the skeleton. The 110-kilovolt and below power grids and the power grid are coordinated in one or two coordinated developments. The rural power grid has reached the "new rural areas. The Pakistan-China Power Grid, required by the standard, has spared no effort to promote the economic and social development of old areas and improve people’s living conditions, and to ensure the economic and social development of Pakistan and China.

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