LED display case of Digital City Management Supervision and Command Center of Chengguan District, Lanzhou City

[Source "High-tech LED - Technology and Applications" March issue]

The LED display of the Digital City Management Supervision and Command Center of Chengguan District of Lanzhou City is the high-quality indoor display project created by Zhouming Science and Technology Co., Ltd. in Lanzhou City, which is based on the current international advanced sound and optoelectronic technology. In addition to the shocking requirements of the entire LED display screen, the Lanzhou government has put forward higher requirements for the overall design.

First, the display must be HD. Chau Ming Technology chose high-density high-end products - indoor P 3 high-definition display, the resolution of the whole screen is (long) 8448 points × (high) 896 points, the entire screen area is 68.125 square meters (length 25.344 meters × 2.698 M) is one of the largest display projects in the same category in China. In particular, the horizontal resolution reached 8448 points, which is the highest in the country.

Second, the screen requires nine screens to play. Due to the real-time monitoring and deployment of the entire urban area, the screen must be segmented. Zhouming Technology uses its own splicing and segmentation technology to control the ultra-long screen body point by point.

Again, the display requires an internal arc design. According to the environmental design requirements, the whole screen body is designed as an inner shape, and the curved transition is smooth and seamless, achieving the harmonious integration of the display screen and the environment.

For more information, please refer to the March issue of "High-tech LED-Technology and Applications" magazine

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