FaceVault: The first face recognition app for iOS

According to foreign media reports, recently launched a face recognition application FaceVault in the iOS store.

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It is similar to the Facial Unlock feature in Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0 name). The key difference is that Apple has stricter restrictions on its lock screen saver, so FaceVault users can't slide to unlock it. .


Face recognition application FaceVault

Apple did not support this facial recognition application before, and FaceVault is the first application to bring face recognition to iOS, making the smartphone a personal photo safe. The face recognition of this application is based on the analysis of the Apple front camera and the Eigenface eigenface algorithm, which is by far the most advanced face recognition technology.

The application's developer, Robert Neagu, said, "This algorithm is so advanced that you can unlock it even if you wear glasses or makeup."

If face recognition fails, the user will automatically transfer to another screen and then use the backup password to complete the unlock. In addition, FaceVault security is also very high, if someone else attempts to log in to the app, the camera will take a look at the other party, so that users can know who wants to sneak into their private album.

For FaceVault's security features, there is a good statement on the app description page. "Those who are similar to you can also unlock the app; use this app for face recognition when you need to maintain a smooth network connection."

In 2010, Apple applied for a patent for facial device-based electronic device operation adjustment technology. So, does Apple intend to introduce facial recognition services in the near future?

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