Luminaires made using universal interchangeable LED light source modules

[Source "High-tech LED-technology and application" March issue Wu Yunxiao]

This product is an LED light source module and is one of the LED module families. The LED lamp holder and the lamp holder are composed of two parts, the lamp holder portion is composed of an electrode contact, a positioning groove and a buckle, and the lamp holder is fixed on the heat sink of the lamp; the lamp part is composed of an LED chip or an LED lamp bead and heat conduction. The substrate, the light distribution lens, the bracket, the heat transfer medium, and the electrode contacts are composed of the substrate. The utility model is characterized in that the LED lamp cap is fastened on the lamp card holder, and the heat generated by the LED work can be transmitted to the heat sink without using the screw, and the heat resistance is low and the heat dissipation effect is good. The power supply is connected to the contacts on the lamp holder. It is easy to replace the LED lamp head on site without the need for professionals. Easy to achieve standardization, generalization, and interchangeability.

Product design experience:

To achieve the universal interchangeability of LED light source modules, in the final analysis, it is still a technical problem to find commonality.

First, product design ideas:

Many of the current industry talks are about achieving LED modular design, which is of great significance. In particular, LED street lights and tunnel lights are currently made into a monolithic type, which brings great difficulties to subsequent maintenance. Very high. Now some of the new products of some enterprises are already modular in structure, but they are separate, and the modules are varied and cannot be unified and cannot be interchanged. On the surface, as long as the administrative method is used to make each enterprise the same module, the problem is solved. Actually it is not a technical issue. Because the current modules are made up of three parts: the heat sink, the LED light source (including the lens), and the power supply, which is bulky, it is difficult to be consistent with the appearance of different enterprise products, unless the LED lamps made by the manufacturers have the same appearance or slight changes. And this is impossible, there is no personality to come to the market competition. The solution is to start with the technology and find the normalization factor.

The largest part is the heat sink. The larger the power, the larger the volume. It is a variable. If the LED light source and the heat sink are made separable (thermal connection and electrical connection through the connector), the radiator is installed in the lamp. Or integrated with the luminaire, the power supply is also installed in the luminaire, the problem is solved naturally. Because the LED is small, it will not change the volume due to the power. For example, the 10W and 20W modules can be made the same size. To achieve unified standardization, there is hope for interchangeability. The key to the current technology is the hot connection, and it is required to be a technician or a non-technical person. When the module is replaced, the reliable connection of heat is ensured, and the thermal resistance is small. This sample has solved this technical difficulty and achieved reliable thermoelectric connection, which can be operated multiple times.

The LED light source module can be further developed to realize intelligent packaging, and the LED light source chip and the semiconductor chip such as the MCU are packaged in the same module to realize intelligent control and photoelectric integration.

For more information, please refer to the March issue of "High-tech LED - Technology and Applications" magazine

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