Xinyasheng Technology: Magical Stage Global Charm Blooms Extreme Vision

Since the launch of the world's thinnest and fastest-installing magic stage series LED display at the beginning of this year, the new A-Sheng Magic Stage has been in full swing in many regions of the world, for rental shows, large-scale events, advertising, exhibition activities, hotel entertainment and other fields. Create unparalleled expressiveness and let friends all over the world share the vision of the world.

Magic stage P7.5 outdoor full color screen case

The magic stage P7.5 outdoor full-color screen application in South Korea, its ever-changing construction type can only be imagined, can not be done.

Magic stage P5 indoor full color screen

Magic stage P5 indoor full color screen Czech case picture

The magic stage P5 indoor full color screen blooms dazzlingly in the Czech Republic. The curved shape and beautiful colors highlight the noble temperament of Mary Kay.

Magic stage series LED display

Magic Stage Series Perfect Stage Performance

Fashionable, branded, creative stage, only the magic stage can be perfectly controlled. In the Philippine bench/UNIVERSE event, the magical stage's outstanding creativity and expressiveness highlight the infinite charm of the benchmark brand.

Magic stage P7.5 and P15 outdoor full color screen

The performance of the magic stage in the house is self-evident. Outdoors, the magic stage is also extraordinary. In Germany, the magic stage P7.5 and P15 outdoor full-color screens make the players enjoy the pleasure while enjoying the pleasing Horizon.

Magic stage P6.25 indoor full color screen

In the UK's exhibition activities, the magic stage P6.25 indoor full color screen adds unique charm to the YAMAHA brand.

Magic stage series P6.25 indoor full color display

In the "Ninth Cross-Strait Information Industry and Technology Standards Forum" event, the Magic Stage P6.25 indoor full-color screen boosting activity was a complete success.

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