Dalian City actively develops LED lighting product promotion implementation plan

On November 6, Dalian Economic and Information Committee held the "Dalian Semiconductor Optoelectronic Industry Development and Application Symposium". At present, Dalian is stepping up the development and implementation of LED lighting products, and LED products will receive better market application support.

According to the relevant regulations, the state will provide 240 yuan of subsidies for each ton of standard coal energy saved, and Dalian has also subsidized 240 yuan according to the 1:1 standard. In addition, in order to further promote the development of LED industry in Dalian and the development of energy-saving and consumption-reducing projects, the relevant departments of the city are stepping up the development and implementation plan for LED lighting products. The plan is first to be in public places, government agencies, enterprises, institutions, schools and hospitals. Such places and units promote the use of LED lighting products and create a number of demonstration projects.

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