Easily solve the impedance of the car horn

Generally speaking, the sound equipment is often referred to as the impedance of the speaker, the input impedance of the front and rear stage amplifier, the output impedance of the front stage, (the latter stage is usually not called the output impedance, but the output internal resistance), and the transmission of the signal line Blocking resistance (or characteristic impedance)...etc. Since the unit of impedance is still ohms, the same applies to Ohm's law, so in a word, at the same voltage, the higher the impedance, the less current will flow, and the lower the impedance, the more current will flow.

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The most common horn impedance is eight ohms, which means that when the horn is tested at the factory, when inputting a 1 kHz sine wave signal, the impedance is eight ohms; or the horn's operating frequency response. Within the range, an average impedance value. It is not a fixed value, but varies with frequency. When the rear stage outputs a fixed voltage to the horn, according to Ohm's law, the four ohm horn will flow twice as much as the eight ohm horn. Theoretically, an eight ohm output of one hundred watts of the crystal stage is connected. When you turn on the four ohm speakers, it will automatically change to two hundred watts.

When the impedance value of the horn drops all the way, the latter stage outputs a fixed voltage, and the current flowing through it becomes larger and larger. At the end, it is a bit like short-circuiting the horn line, so the impedance value is sometimes as low as one ohm. Limit, beyond this range, the machine will burn out. This is what most people often say: the power of the latter stage is not large, but the output current is large, which seems to be the case.

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