OSRAM and LG Group reach a settlement on the LED patent case

Osram has solved the biggest dispute about LED patents. Osram said it has reached an agreement with the Korean rival LG Group. All lawsuits including the United States, Germany, South Korea, Japan and China will be resolved. As for the details, the two sides reached an agreement to remain silent.

After the failure of the authorization negotiations, in June 2011, OSRAM filed a complaint against the South Korean LG Group in several countries. In August, OSRAM and South Korea's Samsung Electronics Group reached a settlement on LED patents.

Aldo Kamper, President of OSRAM Semiconductor, said that he was satisfied with the settlement. LG Group also said that it is very pleased to expand cooperation with Osram in the field of intellectual property after the patent dispute is concluded.

In order to obtain financial support and achieve transformation, OSRAM will be listed next year. However, due to the stock market turmoil and the weak lighting market, OSRAM's parent company, Siemens Group, has cancelled its traditional public offering. The Siemens Group now plans to distribute additional shares of Osram to its shareholders as dividends.

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