Talking about the Three Principles of Selecting Navigator

The car navigation system matches the position coordinates determined by the GPS satellite signals to determine the exact position of the car in the electronic map. This is commonly referred to as the positioning function. Based on the positioning, you can provide the best driving route through the multi-function monitor. Today's car navigation systems are constantly being updated, and the functions are increasing. With the continuous integration of these technologies, the technology of remotely controlling cars with mobile phones has also been applied to people's daily lives. But not every car owner is pursuing the latest supporting services, and the navigator is still the best for you.

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Navigation software is essential

According to Xiao Guo, a salesperson of Zhicheng Auto Supply Store, due to the continuous and timely updating and improvement of the map data of the navigation software, the investigation and collection of the relevant institutions and enterprise production companies are required, and the investment in the system engineering needs to be very large. Therefore, the price of navigation software is also quite high. At present, the market price of a genuine map will be around 300. At present, there are many brands of navigation maps in China, and their respective maps in different regions have different levels of detail. At present, the main domestic navigation software used in the market is Daotongtong, Kay LiDE, Intercity, Skywalker, Maxwell, and Siwei.

First, we must determine the budget

The reporter visited the Auto Accessories Exhibition and observed that there are many GPS-related products on the market. Blind pursuit of high-end products can only lead to a decline in cost performance. According to the offer of Fuhua East Road's auto parts and accessories store, the market currently installs an embedded navigation system for the car. The price will basically range from RMB 3,000 to RMB 12,000, while the handheld navigator includes various brands of machines. The price will basically be within 3000, and the market price of some companies' products will drop to less than 1,000 yuan. So in comparison, portable GPS navigators are more worth buying.

Decisively abandon the function

In terms of functions, the current navigator mainly supports Bluetooth, supports FM radio, supports video input (wired and wireless), and supports TMC function. The Bluetooth function is very suitable for the riders to make a phone call. It is not necessary to call the mobile phone, drive safely, and avoid the penalty for traffic violations. The FM radio function is mainly to play the pronunciation of the province's province to the stereo surround sound of the car through FM radio technology, so that we can enjoy better audio-visual entertainment effects. The video input function is mainly used in the car to connect the rear view lens of the car through the connection line or wireless technology, which is convenient for driving and reversing safely. As for the TMC function, there are basically no TMC systems in other cities except Beijing, so the actual effect is almost negligible.

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