July 25 Newsletter: Business Opportunities Continue After the Financial Report Is Held / "Prism Door"

Business opportunities continue after Cisco acquires cyber security company "Prism Door"

Cisco announced on the 23rd that it will acquire Sourcefire, a network security software maker, for $ 2.7 billion. The purchase price corresponds to a 141 times price-to-earnings ratio, which spurred a surge in related sectors of US stocks. Some analysts believe that Sourcefire has a business relationship with the US government, which is an important reason for Cisco's high price acquisition.

Editor's interpretation:

After the exposure of the "Prism Gate" scandal, the importance of cyber security issues has been increasing, and the G20 summit in September is likely to focus on cyber security.

China's 3G users surpassed 300 million big data for the first time to promote three screens

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on July 24, the net increase of 3G mobile phone users in the first half of this year was 86.06 million, which is equivalent to the net increase in the first ten months of last year. The cumulative number of 3G users reached 319 million. Mobile Internet access traffic totaled 57.704 million G, an increase of 62.6% year-on-year.

Editor's interpretation:

IT, Internet, telecommunications, and media companies have launched "joint, vertical, and horizontal" around the three screens, and the boundaries between industries have become increasingly blurred. Industry insiders believe that the mobile Internet has driven the entire IT industry to the PC side, and from the PC side to the mobile side. It has continuously transformed traditional enterprises, spawned new industrial forms, business forms and business models, cultivated new consumer demand, and created new businesses. growth point.

Big data promotes three screens

Google released three new products new Nexus 7 tablet \ Android 4.3 system

In the early morning of July 25th, Beijing time, Google held a small press conference in San Francisco, USA, and officially released a new generation of Nexus 7 tablet PC, Android 4.3 system, and TV stick product Chromecast.

Editor's interpretation:

Android 4.3 system belongs to 4.X Jelly Bean (Jelly Bean) series, is the latest operating system, Android 4.3 has four major updates compared to 4.2, and many user-concerned interface issues are not improved on Android 4.3 Judging from the effect, it is very close to 4.2.

Chromecast is a TV stick product launched by Google at this conference. Its volume is only the size of a U disk and is equipped with an HDMI interface.

A new generation of Nexus 7 tablets became the highlight of this conference. Compared with the previous generation, the new Nexus 7 has a comprehensive upgrade in configuration.

Qualcomm's third-quarter net profit of 1.58 billion US dollars increased by 31% year-on-year

Qualcomm today released its third quarter financial report for the 2013 fiscal year ended June 30. The financial report shows that Qualcomm's third-quarter revenue was 6.24 billion US dollars, an increase of 35% year-on-year, and a year-on-year increase of 2%; net profit was 1.58 billion US dollars, an increase of 31% year-on-year, and a decrease of 15%.

Editor's interpretation:

According to the financial report, Qualcomm's third-quarter revenue exceeded expectations, mainly due to the increase in demand for smartphones in Asia. At the same time, Qualcomm also raised its fiscal 2013 performance expectations.

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