Fuzhou outdoor large-scale LED screen is only 30% legal whether it is "compliant" difficult to define

With the development of the city, there are more and more large outdoor LED displays in Fuzhou, and complaints about the sound and light pollution of electronic displays have gradually increased. A few days ago, the reporter learned from the Fuzhou City Light Management Office that at present, there are nearly 30 large-scale outdoor LED displays in Fuzhou City, and only 10 are approved by the lamp management office.

Large-scale Led Display city is only 30% legal

It is reported that the "Regulations on the Management of Outdoor Electronic Display in Fuzhou City" will be implemented on November 1st. The regulations are clear. The setting of outdoor electronic display screens should ensure that the normal life of the surrounding residents is not affected. It should be closed from 22:00 to 6:00 the next day. Sound and video. According to the person in charge of the Municipal Light Management Office, there are about seven or eight hundred complaints submitted by the public to the 12345 each year, and the complaints about the LED display are mainly focused on the brightness of the display screen.

On November 25th, the reporter visited the main roads of the city such as Guping Road, Yangqiao Road, Baima Road, Wusi Road and Wuyi Road. It was found that large LED displays were mainly concentrated in the shopping malls and hotels at the main roads. Most of them are commercial advertisements, and only a small part of them will be interspersed with some public service advertisements.

After 10 o'clock on the evening of the 25th, the reporters who went straight to Pingshan visited the places again. Most of the screens were closed. Only the LED display of a clubhouse in Wushan Liming Street was still playing advertisements.

The Galaxy Garden Hotel, located at the intersection of Hualin Road and Wusi Road, recently installed a Large Led Display . The reporter learned from the Light Management Office that the display was not reported to the Light Management Office for approval. “This display has a large area, low suspension position and strong screen brightness. When the car arrives at the intersection, it is often attracted by its bright color, and the brightness also affects the line of sight, which affects the safety of traffic.” Mr. Zhang believes that the position of the display is not reasonable.

The reporter learned from the Southeast Eye Hospital that normal people can adapt to 100-300 lux and nighttime. According to the hospital's deputy chief physician, Xia Jiangsheng, the brightness of the Outdoor LED Display at night is higher than the surrounding environment. The vehicle passes quickly from the front of the LED, and the driver will produce glare and can not distinguish the objects in front of the eyes.

It is reported that at present, Fujian has not issued relevant regulations on the brightness standard of LED display.

Approval is not the only relevant departmental supervision is difficult

According to the person in charge of the Fuzhou Light Management Office, the establishment of all outdoor LED displays must be approved by the Light Management Office. For the unapproved Outdoor Led Display, the lamp management office will issue a rectification notice, and the display screen that needs to be forcibly removed will be submitted to the City Appearance Administration for execution. However, there are also special circumstances such as special approval or establishment through landscape transformation channels.

"In some demolition lists, some LED displays have not been approved by the Light Management Office, but the owners have relevant documents approved by other government departments. Therefore, there are difficulties in determining whether the violations are illegal, and whether they are demolished or not." The relevant person in charge of the city's city appearance department said that some LED display screens were set up in the “Landscape Reconstruction Drawings”. On the one hand, these drawings and plans were approved by the municipal government, but on the other hand, they were not in accordance with regulations. The procedure of “catch, shoot, and hang” is difficult, and law enforcement is difficult.

Not only that, but in determining whether the LED display has reached "light pollution", there is currently no specific standard in Fuzhou. In this regard, the Light Management Office stated that they could only ask the owners to properly adjust the brightness of the screen according to the public's demands during the inspection, and try not to interfere with the normal life of the citizens. Due to the lack of professionals, it is difficult to remove illegal LED displays.

Professor Zhang Lingzao of Fushi University of Public Administration believes that outdoor LED displays should be set up without prejudice to citizens' lives, road traffic, public space, etc. Relevant management departments should estimate sound and light pollution in advance when they approve. Improve laws and regulations.

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