Ranking of the world's 20 largest semiconductor factories in 2012: Qualcomm's rise

Research firm IC Insights recently released a report that predicted the ranking of the world's top 20 semiconductor manufacturers in 2012. Intel, Samsung and TSMC continued to rank in the top three, the same ranking as in 2011.

The report predicts that Qualcomm's ranking this year will rise from the seventh place last year to the fourth place, Texas Instruments fell from the fourth place to the fifth place, the sixth to the tenth place rankings are Toshiba, Renesas, SK Hynix, Micron. (Micron) and STMicroelectronics (ST).

The eleventh to twentieth rankings are Broadcom, Sony, AMD, Infineon, GlobalFoundries, Fujitsu, NXP, Nvidia, Freescale and TSMC.

Overall, the sales of these 20 major semiconductor manufacturers in 2012 will total $ 217.885 billion, down 1% year-on-year.

The report pointed out that among the top five manufacturers with the highest sales growth, three are pure chip design manufacturers (Qualcomm, Nvidia and Broadcom), and two are pure wafer foundries (Globalfoundries and TSMC). Represents the success of pure wafer design and foundry model.

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