Yangzhou street light replacement LED beautification road lighting (Photos)

Wenchang Pavilion night view

Wenchang Pavilion night view

Beginning in April, streetlight management personnel began to replace the street lights on Wenchang Road with LED street lights, and LED lighting will add 418 to the LED lighting. The reporter unveiled the story behind the shining.

on site

Change the lamp for more than 20 minutes

The construction vehicle stretched the giant arm and sent the construction workers to the sky. First remove the original street light, then install the LED Street Light. In less than half an hour, a set of LED street lights will be installed.

What is the difference between LED street lights and ordinary street lights? The reporter saw yesterday at the construction site that LED street lights are no different from ordinary street lights in appearance. However, when you look closely, you will find that ordinary street lights have only one light source, but LED street lights. However, there are many sources of illumination. On the LED street lamps, there are rows of rows and rows of LED lights. The entire street lamp is illuminated by the Led Light-emitting points.

The staff told the reporter that according to the plan, the first battle in 2009 will install LED street lights on the three roads of Mata Road, Xinxing Road and Huayuan Road, and implement the surrounding Wenchang Pavilion and the Wenchang Bridge and the West Road (the liberation bridge-western city). LED lighting and street lighting renovation. According to calculations, the three roads of Mata Road, Xinxing Road and Huayuan Road will be newly installed with 159 LED LED street lights. The Wenchang Zhongxi Road and the West Road (Jiefang Bridge-Northwest Ring Road) will replace 1636 LED LED street lights. The total number of newly built LED street lights in the city will be close. 1800 baht.


Energy consumption is only 10% of incandescent lamps

Comrades in the construction department told reporters that LED lighting will represent the future direction of the city. Under the premise of meeting the urban road lighting design standards, LED street lamps use LED functional lamps with low power to maximize energy saving.

The brightness of LEDs is 30%-50% higher than that of ordinary fluorescent lamps, and its energy consumption is only 10% of incandescent lamps and 50% of fluorescent lamps. In addition to energy saving and environmental protection, it also has the advantage of long life, and the average life expectancy is more than 5 years. According to reports, compared with the same wattage of high-pressure sodium lamps, LED street lights are more than 60%. If photoelectric high-power LED street lamps are used to complete the energy-saving renovation of 300,000 street lamps in a medium-sized city, the annual electricity consumption can be reduced by nearly 300 million degrees, and the conversion can save more than 100,000 tons of standard coal, which can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide by about 10 respectively. Ten thousand tons and 3 million kilograms. The dazzling light from LED lighting is popular because of its low power consumption and good illumination. It has been adopted by big cities such as Beijing.

Durable and environmentally friendly

Compared with other luminescent materials, LED street lamps not only save energy, but also have some characteristics that are not found in other street lamps.

Comrades in the construction department said that the LED series of lights have nine characteristics: First, long life. The actual life of LEDs exceeds 50,000 hours, which is several times or even several times that of general light sources. Second, it has bright and rich colors. At present, LED products cover almost the entire visible spectrum range, and the color purity is high; the third is solid light, the seismic performance is good, firm and reliable; the fourth is green and environmental protection: there is no mercury in the light source, and the light beam does not contain ultraviolet light. LED is a solid-state light source, green and environmentally friendly; fifth is energy-saving: LED lamps have high efficiency and consume less power than traditional high-pressure sodium lamps; sixth, LEDs have strong directionality of light, high utilization of luminous flux, small size, and easy design And the control of light intensity distribution; seventh, dynamic color control can be implemented, brightness and darkness can be adjusted, LED combination of three primary colors can realize color change; eighth, LED street light can be powered by DC low voltage, safe and reliable; The temperature limit can be activated instantaneously and the brightest effect can be achieved instantaneously.

LED meritorious streetscape beautification

Yangzhou not only uses LED street lights, but also makes full use of the rich colors of LEDs to make contributions to Yangzhou's urban beautification.

The reporter saw in the east of Wenchangge yesterday that some of the main buildings along the line were lighted and transformed. On the top of the building, LED lights of different color sources were used to make a pattern, while in the eaves, a variety of colors were used. LED light source, can constantly change color. Against the backdrop of LED lights, the buildings along the street are beautiful.

According to reports, this LED street view lighting is centered on Wenchang Pavilion. The buildings, green spaces and urban landmarks at various intersections are important nodes, which are designed and built. All the existing lamps using traditional light sources will be transformed into LED lamps. Different static and dynamic LED products will be selected according to the style and connotation of different buildings. LED lamps are compact in structure, and the installation position of the lamps depends on the structure of the building as much as possible. The color treatment of the surface of the lamp housing is close to the color of the wall surface, which is convenient for the lamps to be concealed and does not affect the building effect during the day.

The entire LED lighting new construction and transformation tasks have been basically completed, and Yangzhou LED street lighting will add 418 color.

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