The new generation of memory card standard "UFS" with speeds up to 3Gbps will be unveiled in the third quarter of 2009

"Flash Memory - the Future of Consumer Products", a conference on flash memory sponsored by the semiconductor industry standardization group "JEDEC Solid State Technology Association" (hereinafter referred to as JEDEC), was held recently. At the meeting, JEDEC is developing a new generation of memory card standard "UFS (Universal Flash Storage)". It is reported that the standard will strive to be completed in the third quarter of 2009. By then, it is estimated that the data transmission speed will be greatly increased to 3Gbit/s.

Prior to UFS, the next-generation standard "MMC4.4" for multimedia cards will be developed in the first quarter of 2009. The data transfer speed will increase to 104MB/sec. The current "MMC4.0" is 50MB/sec.

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 9. CE and ROHS approval.

LED Underground Light

LED Underground Light, LED Underground Paving Light

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