France: City night lights are too bright to affect astronomical observations

According to the French newspaper Le Monde on the 29th, there is an astronomical observatory built at the end of the 19th century on the South Bilbao peak at 2,877 meters above sea level in southwestern France. In recent years, the nighttime lighting of the surrounding cities has been too bright, affecting astronomical observation activities.

According to the report, artificial lighting has been developing continuously for more than 20 years, and the natural starry sky is gradually dimmed. In some places where the night light is too strong, only 20 stars in the galaxy of the night sky can be observed.

In order to solve this problem, Canada has set up a protected area around a mountain astronomical observatory to impose restrictions on lighting equipment. France, in October this year, enacted a new environmental law that stipulates that if artificial light poses a hazard to humans, animals, plants or the ecological environment, wastes energy, or obstructs observations of the night sky, then this light will Restricted or disabled.

François Cora, an expert at the Paris Observatory, believes that limiting artificial light in some areas not only helps astronomical observations, but also helps protect the ecological environment.

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