Announcement on the purchase of garden lamp street lamp in Ningbo

Title: Ningbo City Garden Lights and Cables Cable Procurement Announcement Tender No.: ZHZFCG2009030G015 Announcement Date: April 17, 2009 Deadline: April 28, 2009 Tendering Agency: Province: Zhejiang-Ningbo City Content: According to China The People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law, the “Administrative Measures for Bidding and Tendering of Government Procurement of Goods and Services” and the relevant regulations of Zhenhai District Government Procurement, approved by the Zhenhai District Procurement Office, are now publicizing the garden lights, street lamps and cable procurement projects of Zhenhai District Urban Administration Bureau. Bidding procurement, welcome qualified suppliers to come to bid.

I. Item No.: ZZHFCG2009030G015

Second, the type of procurement organization: centralized government procurement

Third, procurement methods: open tendering

Fourth, the main content and quantity of procurement: (see requirements)

Purchase quantity

Standard 1 garden lamp, street lamp No. 1 lamp: 3.5 m garden lamp 50 盏;

No. 2 lamp: 3.5 m garden light 35 盏;

Light No. 3: 5 meters of 6-meter street light;

Light 4: 9 m garden light 9;

Light 5: 3 m garden light 16 盏;

Item 2 cable VV-5*16m┫: 4000 m;

VV-5*25m┫: 5000 meters;

VV-5*35m┫: 2660 meters;

VV-5*50m┫: 3040 meters;

VV-5*70m┫: 670 meters;

The upper limit price of the target 1 is: 444,500 yuan; the upper limit price of the target 2 is 1,11,172 million yuan.

V. Eligibility requirements for qualified bidders:

1. Supplier qualifications in accordance with Article 22 of the Government Procurement Law;

2. The supplier of the target item 1 is the registered capital (gold) of the enterprise legal person at RMB 1 million and above.

3. The supplier of the target item 2 is the registered capital (gold) of the enterprise legal person at RMB 2 million and above.

4. The manufacturer of the standard 2 shall pass the ISO9000 series quality system certification, and the product production license issued by the competent national authority.

5. This project does not accept consortium bidding.

6, subcontracting and subcontracting

(1) Subcontracting is not allowed in this project;

(2) Subcontracting is not allowed in this project;

6. Time for the issuance of the bidding documents:

1. Release time: April 17, 2009 to April 28, 2009, morning: 8:30-11:00, 13:30-17:00 pm. (except for weekends and holidays)

2. Place of sale: Room 324, 3rd Floor, No. 200, Jiangxi Road, Zhenhai, 100 yuan each, not refundable after sale.

7. The following information shall be provided when receiving the bidding documents: (The photocopy shall be stamped with the official seal of the unit and shall not be used as the basis for qualification examination):

1. Original and photocopy of the business license;

2. The original and photocopy of the applicant's ID card;

8. Deadline and place of bid:

The bidder shall seal the bid documents to Room 318, 3rd Floor, No. 200, Jiangxi Road, Zhenhai, before 9:00 am (Beijing time) on May 8th. The overdue delivery will be treated as invalid and will be returned.

9. Time and place of bid opening:

The bidding will be opened at 9:00 am (Beijing time) on May 8 at Room 318, No. 200, Jiangxi Road, Zhenhai, and bidders will be invited to send representatives to attend the bid opening meeting.

X. Bid security:

Item 1: RMB 肆仟 yuan, Item 2: RMB 10,000 yuan, should be paid before the deadline for bidding. If you participate in multiple items, you only need to pay the maximum amount of guarantee.

Account: Zhenhai District Accounting Management Center

Bank of deposit: Ningbo Bank Zhenhai Branch

account number

Address: No. 173, Hexi Road, Zhenhai City

XI. Challenges and complaints:

If the bidder believes that the bidding documents have caused damage to its legal rights and interests, it shall file a challenge in writing to the bidding and purchasing unit within seven working days after obtaining the bidding documents; the bidder shall be dissatisfied with the challenged bidding unit or bid for procurement. If the unit fails to reply within the specified time, it may file a complaint with the procurement supervision department at the same level within 15 working days after the expiration of the reply. Company Name: Zhenhai District Government Procurement Center Contact: Zhou Xiaofeng Tel: 0574-86294661 E-mail: Fax: Postal Code: Address:

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