Xiangfan: Public institution energy conservation regulations introduced

On December 28th, the reporter learned from the symposium on the implementation of the "Regulations on Energy Conservation of Public Institutions" in Xiangfan City and the Director of the Office of the Administration of County (City) Districts. In the next two years, the energy conservation of public institutions in Xiangfan City will focus on energy use systems and Energy conservation of equipment, promotion of energy conservation in public buildings, strengthening of energy-saving management of official vehicles, and promotion of government energy-saving procurement.

In the future, Xiangfan City will promote the use of energy-saving lighting, solar lighting and power-saving management software in the municipal government, and encourage the staff of the government to take the elevators when they go to the lower floors. In addition to special purposes, the offices of the municipal offices, conference rooms, etc. The air-conditioning temperature setting shall not be lower than 26 degrees in summer and not higher than 20 degrees in winter; the small-scale coal-fired boilers under 20 tons shall be phased out before 2010, and the gas-fired boilers shall be gradually replaced; the water-saving renovation of facilities with excessive water consumption of the organs shall be carried out. New construction and renovation projects should use water-saving appliances and equipment to encourage qualified units to construct water treatment systems and rainwater harvesting systems; all municipal construction and office buildings that are newly built, rebuilt, renovated, and renovated, and strictly implement the “Energy Efficiency Design for Public Buildings”. Standards, building low-energy green buildings.

At the same time, Xiangfan City will also include official vehicles into the government's energy-saving procurement category, give priority to the purchase of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly vehicles, and strictly control the purchase of fuel-efficient vehicles.

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