User Tucao: Four reasons to prove LED smart light bulbs

Smart cameras, smart switches, universal infrared, smart bulbs... These are popular smart home products. I recommend smart bulbs because they are the most practical and you use them every day. In addition, although it is also tempting, it always gives people a sense of dispensability (a must-have for the future), and the light bulb looks more practical.

It seems to be a bit reasonable, but think carefully why not buy an economical and affordable ordinary light bulb? The author below will talk to you about the advantages of smart light bulbs, and it is also the motivation for you to save money without hesitation, and has nothing to do with money and willfulness.

Reason one: smart light bulbs are more energy efficient

Smart bulbs are energy-saving bulbs that use LED cold light sources. Compared with traditional incandescent lamps, energy-saving efficiency can reach more than 90%; at the same brightness, power consumption is only 1/10 of that of ordinary incandescent lamps. The intelligent light bulb can be adjusted, although there are also wattage restrictions, but different light and dark can be set in different environments to further achieve energy saving effect.

Smart bulb adjusts brightness

User Tucao: Smart light bulb needs to connect to wifi, the router consumes 24 hours of power consumption, and it is contrary to energy saving purposes.

Q & A: Even if you don't buy smart light bulbs at home, the routers don't necessarily turn off; not only smart bulbs need network, mobile phones, computers, iPads and even TVs need to be connected. How many smart bulbs are called?

Reason 2: Networking linkage room scene DIY

Want to live room DIY, have to mention the advantages of multi-color light source of smart light bulbs. Not to mention whether it can adjust 16 million colors, after all, some colors can not be recognized by the naked eye. If a light bulb can change a variety of colors, then the children's room, master bedroom, living room can achieve DIY. Chinese people like red, catch up with the Spring Festival, Christmas, and light up the smart light bulbs to present different styles.

Smart bulb multi-color adjustment

In the previous article, the brightness adjustment function was mentioned. In fact, a smart light bulb is installed in the children's room, and the wake-up function can also be achieved. According to the time when the child gets up, the smart light bulb is simulated into the sun, and the natural wake-up is more scientific than the alarm clock.

Smart bulb brightness adjustment test

Reason 3: More humanity, human-computer interaction advantage

As a typical smart home product, human-computer interaction is essential. The human-computer interaction can be understood from two aspects: First, the smart home products realize remote control through the mobile phone client, change the traditional light switch mode, and make the control simpler. Secondly, some smart light bulbs are added to the sensor, when judging someone passing by , it will automatically light up, the expression is more friendly and smarter.

Smart light bulbs support remote control

User Tucao: The price of smart bulbs that meet the listing function is too high, and the domestic smart bulbs are difficult to implement.

Q & A: Any smart device that incorporates high-tech elements is not cheap. If you recognize the product features, the price is a problem. As for the domestic smart light bulb function, I am afraid that this problem should be solved by the manufacturer, who is screaming that smart development is backward!

Smart light bulb wifi control (picture from Baidu)

Reason 4: Who said that it must be installed at home

As a highly practical smart home product, smart light bulbs truly realize DIY personality customization. People set their favorite scene scene lighting effects according to their own lighting needs, create different indoor atmospheres, simulate different scenes to guide and improve emotions. , reflecting a more humane lighting environment.

Smart bulbs are suitable for many fields such as home (picture from Baidu)

Smart bulbs can be used not only at home, but if you are a post-80s entrepreneurial youth, coffee shops, teahouses, and fast food restaurants can install this special atmosphere light. Hospitals, kindergartens and other special occasions can also be installed to meet different patients and children. The need for light color.

Smart bulbs, although not cheap, highlight their individuality and add a touch of surprise to this highly homogenous home improvement market.

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