Earth Hour: "Lights out" is not as good as "replacement of lights"

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of material life, people's awareness of environmental protection has also increased. The World Wide Fund for Nature began advocating the Earth Hour campaign many years ago, but the event has been questioned for nearly two years. In fact, with the popularity of LED lighting, there is already a solution.

According to the New York Times, if LED lighting technology replaces traditional lighting bulbs, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50% in the world in just 20 years. It can be seen that the popularity of LED lighting is an effective measure to promote energy conservation and emission reduction.

Nowadays, the main lighting of homes, shopping malls, hotels and other places mostly uses fluorescent lamps and ordinary energy-saving lamps. The use of bladder lights, spotlights and halogen lamps is also rare. Now let us take fluorescent lamps and ordinary energy-saving lamps as examples. Look at the energy saving and emission reduction effects of LED lighting.

Under the same brightness, 40W incandescent lamp consumes 1 kWh in 25 hours, 20W ordinary energy-saving lamp consumes 1 kWh in 50 hours, and 5.5W LED bulb consumes only 1 kW in 181 hours. That is to say, when the incandescent lamp is compared with the LED bulb, the LED bulb is 80% energy-efficient, and if it is converted into the "Earth Hour" activity, it is equivalent to letting the earth rest for 8 hours.

Assume again that two malls need to install 500 盏 fluorescent lamps, and use 18W LED fluorescent lamps and 40W conventional fluorescent lamps under the same brightness conditions. Calculated by working 12 hours a day, after one year, the electricity consumption of the mall using LED fluorescent lamps is 39,420 degrees, while the consumption of electricity using the traditional fluorescent lamps is 98,550 degrees, and the power consumption is 2.5 times higher, which consumes more of the earth. Resources.

In addition to energy saving, the environmental advantages of LED lighting are also very obvious. Traditional lamps contain harmful substances such as mercury and lead, which pollute the environment, while LED lighting is a pure green light source. Moreover, LED lamps have a service life of more than 40,000 hours, and even if the service life is over, they can be recycled and reused. These are the unparalleled advantages of traditional lamps.

Obviously, compared to the "Earth Hour", only one hour of light-out every year, LED lighting is used all the year round, and it can go further on the green and low-carbon environmental protection roads to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. To this end, WWF has proposed to replace the new LED lighting products to the global public while advocating the "Earth Hour" campaign.

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