How natural light illuminates rooms without windows

How natural light illuminates rooms without windows

The room doesn't have too much natural light to worry about. In fact, no window means there will be a more dynamic lighting design, but if you are forced to do natural light, then it will lead to sharp results. For many wine cellars and basements, there is little or no natural light available, and the corridors may also lack sunlight.

First, use whatever natural light you have available. In a truly windowless room you can also let the sunlight enter from the light pipe and let the refracted light enter a room. In addition, the skylight may be an option. If you have a basement, these two solutions take into account the stairs as a potential light. First, remove any walls and whitewash the walls and stairs so that any natural light that shines on them will reflect into the room below. The spotlight is a great way to light in a windowless room. In the cellar or game room, you can use it to directly shine in the area you are interested in. If you think a windowless room is not for you, you can create a fake surface. Through false walls and LED lights, you can trick your eyes and feel natural light.

With the continuous maturity of LED lighting technology, the automotive industry has been using LED light sources for instrument panels and interior lighting, and LED lighting is gradually capturing brake lights, fog lights, low beam lights, high beam lights, and daytime running lights. Application fields such as adaptive headlights (AFS) for exterior signal indication and headlight illumination.The challenge for LEDs to be used in exterior lighting is the need for integrated, flexible and networked drives.

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