Toshiba officially opened at the LED Lighting Exhibition Center in Osaka, Japan

Japanese manufacturer Toshiba recently opened a new LED lighting exhibition center in Osaka, Japan, located in Umeda, Osaka. This time, the LED lighting display center in Osaka CO-LAB is named after E-CORE.

CO-LAB Osaka officially opened on December 13th. The eye-catching function of this SHOW ROOM is the color temperature variable CORNER.

The tablet computer can control the color temperature of the luminaire (2850-5000K) and can adjust the color rendering from the change of the continuity of the Ra70-90. Especially in the change of color rendering, the texture inside the whole house is better. Therefore, in the focus on print quality, clothing stores, car show room, design companies and other places can freely use the required room atmosphere.

The part of the down light that uses indirect lighting will also change with the color temperature in the room. The color rendering can also be controlled by the way of Ra70~90. In addition, the LED modules used are arranged side by side with different color temperatures to make the user It's easier to understand.

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