Dongshan Precision joins hands with Taiwanese businessmen to enter LED

In order to share the huge LED backlight and LED lighting market, Dongshan Precision began to extend its industrial chain to the LED industry.

Dongshan Precision announced today that the company intends to establish a joint venture with Taiwanese natural person Shen Yuqiang in Suzhou Industrial Park to establish “Suzhou Industrial Park Evergreen Green Technology Co., Ltd.” (tentative name) with a registered capital of 120 million yuan. Invested 80 million yuan, of which registered capital of 36 million yuan (accounting for 30% of registered capital), capital reserve of 44 million yuan; Shen Yucong with LED in China and the United States a total of 10 invention patents and a utility model patent evaluation value Approximately 187 million yuan was invested, of which registered capital was 84 million yuan (70% of the registered capital) and capital reserve was 103 million yuan.

According to reports, the above packaging patents, with advanced packaging methods, can effectively solve the problem of LED heat dissipation in the traditional package, so that the product emits brighter light and prolongs the service life; patented phosphor coating technology and no need for LED chip connection bracket It is more conducive to reducing the production cost of the products; therefore, the products produced by the above patents will be more competitive in the market, and can obtain a larger market share and achieve greater economic benefits.

Dongshan Precision said that through this investment, we can share the economic benefits brought by the continuous growth of LED market demand and bring new profit growth points to the company. At the same time, this investment will further expand the industrial chain of the company's precision sheet metal parts.

According to reports, with the continuous development of LED packaging technology, LED backlight technology has also brought rapid development, LEDTV backlight market demand is huge, currently LCD TV with LED as backlight, has a thin and light (thickness below 3 cm) and other aspects Advantages, in order to more effectively realize the advantages of LCDTV/LEDTV thinness, the LCD/LED module in each LCD color TV has at least one metal backplane, so the market demand for LED backlights continues to increase, the metal backplane market It has also increased.

In order to further expand the scale of the company's precision sheet metal business and generate better synergy with the LED backlight project, Dongshan Precision will also set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Shenzhen with over-raised funds to produce LCD module metal back sheets, registered capital. It is 60 million yuan. According to reports, the LED backlight and the LCD module metal backplane can be combined into an LCDTV/LEDTV backlight.

Dongshan Precision said that this investment will bring opportunities for the company to enter the precision sheet metal market of the home appliance industry, thereby extending the company's industrial chain and enhancing the company's sustainable development capabilities, thereby achieving the company's strategic goals.

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