New Mining Group: LED new energy-saving lamps marched into the underground coal mine

On May 11, Shandong Xinwen Mining Group Huaxin Real Estate Co., Ltd. held a LED lighting technology promotion conference, and dozens of industrial and mining enterprises came to understand the ordering of LED lights. At the beginning of this year, the first phase of the mining LED lamp production line with an annual output of 1.825 million sets of straight-tube type explosion-proof lamps and 2.19 million sets of bulb-type explosion-proof lamps was completed and put into operation, and new energy-saving lamps for mines and houses were started. By the end of September this year, after the second phase of the project is completed and put into production, it will become the largest LED lamp production base in Shandong Province.

In recent years, New Mining Group has vigorously developed a green and low-carbon economy and actively entered new energy fields such as polysilicon and coal-based natural gas. According to the deployment of the new mining group, Huaxin Real Estate Company has tracked and investigated LED technology since early 2009. LED lighting is a new type of energy-saving lighting technology that has emerged in recent years. Compared with the traditional lighting method, it can save 70-80% of electricity and has a service life of 50,000 hours. It is in line with the development trend of energy saving and low carbon economy. Is a revolution in traditional lighting technology.

On the basis of in-depth research, Huaxin Real Estate Co., Ltd. invested RMB 26 million at the beginning of this year to build the first phase of the mining LED lamp production line with an annual output of 1.825 million sets of straight-tube type explosion-proof lamps and 2.19 million sets of bulb-type explosion-proof lamps. It was completed and put into production in April this year. The products have passed CE international certification and the annual output value is 300 million yuan. The LED explosion-proof lamps they produce are the latest explosion-proof roadway lamps independently designed and produced according to industry standards. They are suitable for downhole roadways, diverticulum, pump rooms, substations, yards, etc. with explosive mixture gases such as methane and coal dust. Environmental lighting. The power consumption of this product is 10% of the same light-effect incandescent lamp, 50% of the same light-efficiency energy-saving fluorescent lamp, and the service life is more than 10 times that of ordinary lamps. It requires no maintenance during use, achieving the effect of reducing people and increasing efficiency. Suitable for underground coal mine lighting.

At present, the annual consumption of electricity in the old district of New Mine Group is about 1.6 billion kWh, and lighting electricity accounts for about 10%, which is 160 million kWh. According to the LED lamp, 30% energy saving compared with traditional energy-saving lamps, LED lights can be promoted every year. With a power saving of 48 million kWh, the electricity bill will reach 14.98 million yuan, and the energy saving potential of lighting is considerable.

In addition to mine explosion-proof lamps, Huaxin Real Estate Co., Ltd. also has five series of 30 varieties and specifications, including street lamps, garden lamps, lawn lamps and indoor lighting lamps, all of which have passed CE international certification. By September of this year, the second phase of Huaxin Real Estate Co., Ltd. with a construction area of ​​12,000 square meters will be completed and will become the largest LED lamp production base in Shandong Province.

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