LED project on the Minjiang River is about to be completed


Did you find out, the recent rivers of the river, at night, a fire tree silver flower. It is the LED lighting hidden in the branches and leaves shining.

In order to promote the LED city energy-saving street lamp and lighting project, the District Environmental Transport and Urban Management Bureau hangs LED lights on the green trees along the Minjiang River People’s Bridge to the Minjiang Bridge. The bridges of the two bridges also use lights. Dress up. The project is now being implemented and is expected to be completed by mid-July. The fresh and beautiful night view of the Lijiang River is waiting to be seen.

The main control unit of the equipment is PLC and the HMI (Human Machine Interface) is 7" LCD colorful touch screen. The equipment has varieties of operating modes, and can automatically record and save working status.

The complete set of equipment is easy to operate, reliable in working, complete in protection and high in automation.

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