Taiwan LED factory continued to rise in April

Benefiting from the gradual increase of LED TV penetration rate, and the Taiwan factory to join the TV backlight supply chain and expand production capacity, LED industry performance in the second quarter is bright, April revenue shows a record high or second highest level, LED die After surpassing NT$1.4 billion in revenue in March, the company's high output exceeded 1.6 billion yuan in April, up 12% month-on-month, better than the market's original estimate. At present, the LED backlight and lighting revenue of LED chip leading factory is up to 20%, and the proportion of high-end products is 4~5%. In addition, the upstream industry's round, the new century photoelectric revenue in April also hit a record high.

In April, Jingdian's revenue was 1.646 billion yuan, compared with 1.462 billion yuan in March, with a monthly growth of 12.6% and a 67.5% increase over the same period in 2009. The market originally estimated that the revenue of Crystal Power in April should be easily reached. With a performance of more than 1.5 billion yuan, in the end, Jingdian's performance in the monthly revenue of more than 1.6 billion yuan once again reached a new high.

As the second season began to enter the peak season, coupled with the blue LED production capacity and the utilization of quaternary LED capacity utilization, the legal person originally estimated that the first quarter revenue of Jingdian was 4.031 billion yuan, and the second season is expected to reach 45. More than 100 million yuan, the quarterly growth rate reached 12%, but the current revenue of Crystal Power in April has exceeded 1.6 billion yuan, the second quarter revenue performance is expected to be revised.

In addition to the new high in the crystal power industry, the upstream industry's Yuanyuan and New Century Optoelectronics also hit a record high. The Thai Valley's March revenue was slightly higher than expected. In April, the high-brightness LED supply was less than the demand for orders, and the revenue will be slightly lower. Reduced to 200 million yuan, monthly reduction of less than 3%, annual growth rate of 105%. Accumulated Taigu's revenue from January to April 2010 was estimated at 680 million yuan, with an annual growth rate of over 120%. The proportion of large-size backlight products accounted for about 85%, and the proportion of lighting was about 15%.

After entering the second season, with the outbreak of LEDTV demand, TV backlighting applications from Taiwan LED industry will rapidly expand and expand, and will rise sharply in the second half of the year. The original suppliers will continue to grow their kinetic energy, such as the current TV backlight. The proportion of revenues reached more than 60%, and the proportion of TV backlights of the downstream packaging factory leader Yiguang was 10% in April. It is estimated that the proportion of TV backlights in 2010 will reach 30% of the annual revenue.

As for the new players entering the TV backlight supply chain, the proportion of shipments will gradually increase, including the new Century Optoelectronics to produce LED backlights for LED production from March, and expand the second plant of Nanke to produce blue LEDs. The proportion will also reach 3 to 40%. After joining LEDTV backlights in 2010, the revenue in April will also stand at 100 million yuan, and the second quarter revenue growth rate will reach 50%. In addition, Hongqi TV backlight LED has been shipped in small quantities since the first season. With the second quarter production capacity, the proportion will increase significantly in the second half of the year. The industry pointed out that overall, the 2010 low season effect will not be seen and capacity will continue. After being chased by the order, some orders have already seen the end of the third season.

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