LED backlight module production process needs to build a unified, standardized standard

The control of LED backlight is more flexible, and the indicators such as color and brightness are also superior to CCFL in different degrees. At the same time of the development of LED technology, the types of LEDs tend to be diversified. The manufacturers of LEDs vary in size, and the equipment used for LED detection is also different. This phenomenon may lead to the inconsistency of LED quality and life, and ultimately use different manufacturers. The same model of the LED shows inconsistent product performance.

At this stage, the direct-lit RGB-LED backlight technology should be said to be immature, and there are still some problems to be solved or solved. For example, due to the use of a large number of independent LED devices, the dot matrix arrangement is quite dense. Various companies and scientific research institutions are working on LED mixing and control technology to reduce the backlighting requirements of LEDs to reduce cost and improve uniformity; RGB- The LED backlight has a slightly lower luminous efficiency. Although the color purity of RGB-LED is high, the amplitude of color decay of each LED is not consistent after long-term use, which will have a great impact on the picture quality. At present, each company is working on the compensation algorithm of LED color attenuation. But none of them have a unified and reasonable standard to evaluate.

With the development of LCD backlights replacing LED backlights with LED backlights, it is necessary to build LED backlight-based display specifications, standardize LED-based display products, and standardize evaluation criteria for various LED control technologies.

In summary, the development of LED backlight module technology involves LED chip preparation, machining, digital image processing and other technologies, while taking into account the dynamic needs of the TFT-LCD market. From time to time, LED backlight module technology will go through several stages of development, LED backlight replaces CCFL backlight stage, LED backlight technology mature stage, LED backlight and TFT-LCD overall development stage.

The important parameters of the LED backlight LCD module, such as brightness, color gamut, power consumption, volume, quality, cost, etc., are closely related to the technical parameters of the backlight. Some indicators are directly dependent on the parameters of the LED backlight. These parameters are the fundamentals of LED liquid crystal display technology standing in the display field. They are the advantages of competing with other display technologies such as PDP and OLED. They are also the security guarantee for huge investment in this industry. Only these parameters have strong competitiveness, and the huge investment in LCD production lines is more vital.

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