Switch socket and electricity hazard

The Switch socket is a kind of necessities for a wide range of home appliances and also an essential electrical accessory for every family. In the pretend process, these small switch sockets are often overlooked. However, although the switch socket is small, it is directly related to electricity safety and relates to people's lives and property. According to China's "Fire Yearbook" and other relevant data show that China's annual electrical fires accounted for more than 30% of the total number of fires in the year, which accounted for a considerable proportion due to inferior switch sockets, the lessons should be said to be bitter.

People's view on the consumption of switch sockets In daily life, people generally think that the switch can be opened and closed, and the outlet can be powered on. There is no need to spend more money on this, and this has LED to many bad habits. The consequences are worrying. . In many families, they are usually willing to invest hundreds of thousands or even millions to buy a house or even a villa in the urban area; after they have bought a house, people are usually willing to invest 100,000 or even hundreds of thousands of renovations; they are willing to spend tens of thousands. Yuan buy color TVs, air conditioners, computers and other high-end appliances, but could not bear to spend a few dollars, tens of dollars to buy a quality switch socket. From this point of view, it is necessary to change people's concept of consumption. We all imagine that if a high-powered air conditioner or water heater has a current of more than 10 amps, it can easily buy a 3-5 amp socket on the floor or at a hardware store. In this way, plug and socket heat flashes will inevitably occur. The probability of fire will also increase greatly. Some families prefer to use multi-purpose sockets, no matter what electrical plugs are plugged in, and some are dragged on the ground. This is very dangerous. Although the multi-purpose socket is convenient to use, the creepage distance of the multi-purpose socket has a small electrical clearance, and when a plurality of plugs are plugged in, the electrical device is short-circuited and burned out, thereby causing a fire. It can be said that one more universal socket in the room has a fire risk factor. In addition, in the electrical operation, it is common for the flashover to occur due to poor contact of the switch socket. Therefore, flammable and flammable materials must not be placed near the switch socket. This is particularly noticeable in homes.

We turn on/off the switch every day and plug it in and out many times. In daily life, we will encounter problems caused by poor quality sockets: for example, when the power plug of a household appliance is plugged into a socket, the socket sparks or even electrical plugs. After use on the socket, the use of a long time, resulting in multi-use socket wire heating, and even use the socket burned phenomenon also occurs from time to time.

Electric hazards of poor quality switch sockets Recently, the thunderstorms in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai have increased, and the malfunction of electronic and electrical equipment caused by thunder and lightning often appears. Most people know that using lightning rods can prevent lightning strikes on houses. In fact, lightning rods only protect buildings, and they can only defend against direct lightning strikes. The lightning rod also releases a large number of induced lightnings while defending against direct lightning strikes. Inductive mines can intrude into the interior of electrical and electronic equipment along antennas, feeders, signal lines, and power lines, damaging or damaging their electronic components, which can greatly damage household appliances. Relevant person in charge of Suning Appliance stated that in the three-level lightning protection system, the socket is the last one. If the public want to protect their home appliances from lightning damage, it is best to use a “good outlet” with good lightning protection.

The use of switch socket misunderstanding: Refrigerator TV uses the same socket According to home appliance experts, many families like to use multi-purpose socket, because it has more jacks, easy to use, economical, and even some families also put the refrigerator, color TV plug in the same multi-purpose socket, Doing so will produce many unexpected hazards.
The error analysis of the color TV using the same outlet in the refrigerator: The starting current of the refrigerator and the TV is very large, the starting current of the refrigerator is 5 times of the rated current, and the starting current of the TV is 7 to 10 times of the rated current. If refrigerators and color TVs are started at the same time, socket contacts and leads are unbearable and will affect each other and cause harm. At the same time, electromagnetic waves will be generated when the refrigerator is started and operated, which will cause the television to be disturbed, resulting in unstable images and noise.

Finally, we recommend that you buy a switch socket, you can buy well-known brand products, the following list some famous brands of domestic and foreign switches for consumer reference only: Siemens, TCL-Legrand, Simon, Topbon, Panasonic, Clipsal , Melan Gerin, Orma, Bely, Bull, Hongyan, etc. I believe most people are willing to spend a few dollars to buy quality switch sockets. Because of the expenditure of a few dollars, it is possible to avoid property damage caused by damage to household appliances due to a small switch, or even the use of low-quality switches, which can lead to dangers such as safety of life in fire houses.

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