Power saving is the king of rice cooker power saving coup

With the development of the times, the living standards are constantly improving, and rice cookers are almost necessary for every family. Xiao Bian reminds that to live a careful calculation, according to the following methods to be more energy-efficient.

1. Soak the rice in the clear water for 15 minutes before making the rice, then cook the rice, which can shorten the cooking time, and the cooked rice is also very fragrant.

2. Don't ignore the residual heat of the hot plate. When the rice soup of the rice cooker boils, then turn off the power switch for eight to ten minutes, and then use the residual heat of the electric heating plate to turn on the power. When the yellow light of the rice cooker is on and the red light is off, it means that the rice is cooked. At this time, the power switch can be turned off, and the residual heat of the electric heating plate is kept for about ten minutes.

3, the rice cooker should not be used as an electric kettle. The same power rice cooker and electric kettle also burn a thermos bottle of water, only 5-6 minutes with the electric kettle, and the rice cooker takes about 20 minutes.

4. The inner pot bottom should be in optimal contact with the electric hot plate, inner pot and lid. If the inner pot is deformed, that is, concave or convex, it will affect the good contact at the bottom of the inner pot, and it should be corrected in time.

5, node tricks: to avoid peak electricity, the same power of the rice cooker, when the voltage is less than 10% of the rated value, it will extend the power consumption time of about 12%, so it is best to use less or even not use the peak electricity consumption .

6, must ensure that the inner pot is clean. If the rice cooker is used for too long and cannot be cleaned in time, a layer of oxide will collect on the bottom and the outer surface of the inner pot. The pot should be placed in the water and gently wiped with a slightly rough cloth until the metal itself is exposed.

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