Medium and Low Voltage Frequency Conversion to Precision Servo System Control and Development

The current level of industrial automation in China is only 1/4 that of Japan, which is equivalent to the level of Japan in the 1980s. With equipment upgrades and rising labor costs, there is still significant room for improvement in industrial automation. Japan’s leading industrial robot manufacturer Yaskawa Electric stated that the strong growth in overseas orders in 2010 was mainly caused by China’s demand.

Servo system is an important part of industrial automation. Servo system includes servo drive and servo motor. The servo system is a system that can precisely control the position, speed, and angle of moving parts. There are many types of servo systems, and now all of them are basically AC servos. In addition to the control system is not the same, the servo motor requirements are much higher than the frequency conversion, basically a synchronous motor, power below 12KW. The servo system is an upgrade of the low- and medium-voltage inverters. Servo is used in the occasions where the control accuracy is higher, and the rest is used in the low- and medium-voltage inverters. So there is overlap between servos and inverters, but not exactly the same.

Servo system is more applied in the field of precision control (machine tools, packaging, textiles, etc.), while the low-voltage frequency conversion is widely used in heavy industry such as crane, oil and gas production, petrochemical and other precision requirements are not high. With the industrial upgrading, textile companies that originally used low- and medium-voltage inverters have gradually transitioned to the use of servo systems.

In order to increase the added value of textiles and garments, the structure of textiles is becoming more and more complicated. It was originally necessary to use needle feeds controlled by low-voltage inverters. The accuracy has not been sufficient. Now it is necessary to use servo devices. The right end is a manipulator. The servo system controls the motion of each joint. Robots can replace simple manual labor and have a wide range of applications in automotive, semiconductor and other production lines.

The market size of the servo system has also been increasing. The growth rate has remained at around 15%. The servo market in 2010 reached 3 billion. According to the experience of developed countries, the servo market should be as large as the low- and medium-voltage inverters. At present, China's low-voltage inverter market is 15 billion yuan each year, and the servo is only 3 billion yuan. From this point, the servo has great potential for growth.

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