Gear VR new version just changed the Type-C interface

When Tencent Digital (Su Yang) virtual reality has not become a household name, Gear VR has been upgraded.

In the early hours of August 2, Beijing time, Samsung held a new product launch conference, officially launching a new generation of Gear VR virtual reality helmets, priced at 99 US dollars, officially opened on August 19.

The new Gear VR released in the strict sense is only an upgraded version of the previous generation, and has not significantly changed its appearance.

In detail, in order to cater for the new interface of Note 7, the new Gear VR has been designed with an exchangeable interface that can not only guarantee the use of Note 7, but also downwardly compatible with mobile phones such as S7 and Note 5 using the micro USB interface. The new version has been optimized for a small range of viewing angles and is equipped with a new touchpad.

However, taking into account the replacement of the Type-C interface and the performance upgrade of Note 7, this small variant of the Gear VR will also have corresponding improvements in resolution and image processing performance.

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Kids Sleep Headset

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