Apple buys artificial intelligence company Turi for $200 million

According to foreign media reports, sources revealed on Friday that Apple bought artificial intelligence startup Turi for about $200 million. This is also the latest acquisition completed by Apple to bring together advanced computing capabilities for its products and services.

Apple buys artificial intelligence company Turi for $200 million

According to information provided on Turi's official website, the company uses machine learning to help developers develop and manage software and services. With this acquisition, Apple will soon integrate this technology with the company's future products.

According to sources, Apple’s acquisition on Friday was also for the company’s ubiquitous computing with Google (microblogging), Amazon and Facebook in the field of artificial intelligence, especially in software that attempts to automatically infer what people want. The competition has taken the lead. Turi's technology can be integrated into Apple's Siri digital voice assistant and help define new types of computing that interact with humans. Turi also has a system that allows companies to build recommendation engines, identify fraud, analyze customer habits, and better target potential users.

Turi has previously used the name Dato, which has raised more than $25 million from venture capital firms New Enterprise Associates and Madrona Venture Group. So far, an Apple spokesperson has not commented on this report. Tech blog GeekWire is the first to report on Apple's acquisition of Turi.

In the past few years, Apple has acquired a number of startups in the field of artificial intelligence. The company has integrated the acquired new technology into its iPhone software and Siri products.

In January, Apple acquired EmoTIent, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to recognize and respond to facial expressions. Last year, Apple also acquired voice artificial intelligence companies VocalIQ and PercepTIo to enhance the performance of Siri. VocalIQ excels at allowing voice assistants to engage in more realistic conversations through machine learning; PercepTIo's technology helps enterprise customers run advanced artificial intelligence systems on their smartphones without having to share large amounts of user data.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence help computers automatically understand images, videos, and words. Such technologies can also enable the system to take action or make recommendations based on similar data. With Siri doing better keyword recognition across multiple product lines, Apple has begun to demonstrate the success of its artificial intelligence investment.

Apple will introduce a new version of the photo management program for the iPhone and iPad, which will use artificial intelligence to identify objects in the image. For example, when a user searches for the keyword "Japanese cuisine," all images related to such foods will appear. By introducing new features to convert text and text into emojis this fall, Apple will also introduce machine learning technology into the iMessage messaging application.

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