A role on the TV milestone of the millet out of the box

As a role on the Milestone TV's milestone, how can we forget about this Champagne 2S? Come and take a look at this TV.

Millet's box is very simple, with only its middle icon, simple atmosphere. Compared to the previous generation, the product has been improved in design. There are two plastic locks underneath the front and back sides respectively, and they can be pulled out with a pinch.

After removing the packaging, you can see that the protection is in place to avoid unnecessary injuries during transportation. The Plastic Bag on the outside of the TV can completely resist the weight of the TV, that is, you can directly pull the bag outside. Pull the TV out.

When the base support is in the packing box, it will be in a proper position. It will be easy to identify the left and right sides of the box. The outer packing is easy to remove while it is practical. It can be easily turned by simply turning against the texture above. The bracket is pulled out of the package. The base bracket is made of all aluminum material, and the black gold is generally on the grade. The mounting of the TV base bracket requires 4 screws, and actually 5 millets have been prepared to prevent accidental loss. Can not help but consider the thoughtful consideration.

The left and right sides of this bracket are for mounting the TV screen facing down. If the TV screen is facing up, it can not be installed, and it is not easy to tighten the screws to fix it.

There are jacks on the back of the TV. There are two USB jacks, one for 2.0, the other for 3.0, and two HDMI connectors.

The back of Xiaomi TV 2S adopts a one-piece metal back plate with a clear texture. There is a millet LOGO on the lower back

The lower left side is the interface of HDMI, Computer, AV, network cable, audio cable, and cable TV.

The drawing process on the fuselage, looked very much on the grade, Oh, I like this kind of drawing control. .

According to Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun at the millet TV 2S conference, TV plugs were developed for a year and a half, 12 reworks, and costing 500,000 molds. Grooves on both sides, taking into account the feel of the plug. The two-hole plug makes the overall volume smaller, not only beautiful, but also saves space for the home insert.

Millet TV 2S remote control is still a classic 11-key design, slightly matte texture, one-handed operation. The remote control has a button battery inside, and the outside has a prompt “please open the battery compartment cover and take out the insulation film and use it.” After the TV is installed, it can be used directly without having to go out for “bumping” the battery. Only the remote control is infrared and cannot control the TV at any angle.

Millet TV 2S uses aluminum extrusion technology frame, two-color anodizing process, a variety of colors of the optional frame, one-piece metal backplane, coupled with the thinnest part of the fuselage is only 9.9mm, the overall young fashion sense.

When using, remember to remove the protective film around, otherwise it is uncomfortable. . Obsessive-compulsive disorder, I definitely want to tear it off.

When you turn on the phone, you can use it as an electronic poster photo frame when it's okay. .

Summary: Millet TV 2S theater version of the thinnest body at 9.9mm, all aluminum frame, using two-color anodizing process, borders are available in a variety of colors, one-piece metal back, very young fashion sense. 4K screen, with Dolby sound and ultra-clear picture quality, used MStar6A928 TV chip, and supports 4K and H.265 video decoding, which has obvious advantages in TV. In addition, the video website alliance invested in the US$1 billion investment provided nearly 48 hours of uninterrupted video resources. Human-computer interaction is also better. ,

Once the landlord won with a price of 2699, although 2S is not there, but now there are more excellent 3S waiting for us ah, there will be more intelligent 4S later.

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