Millet TV nine operating functions summary of the machine skills detailed analysis

What are the operation features of the millet TV? Summarizes the nine highlights of Xiaomi TV's operation functions, and introduces the detailed operation steps, and analyzes the intelligent gameplay of Xiaomi TV to help users better understand Xiaomi TV's playing skills and realize the smart operation experience!

We know that millet TV is one of the main pillar industries of Xiaomi. Xiaomi TV always insists on a model size and only makes a flagship representative. From the original Xiaomi TV 1, Xiaomi TV 2 to the millet TV 2S and Xiaomi TV 3 released last year. TV, this year's millet TV 3S65 inch and 70 inch giant screen TV models embody the countless efforts of the people of Xiaomi, let the money become a classic! Finally into the millions of households! You are familiar with the home of the millet TV function, well aware of it? ? Did you know all the ways of playing TV? I am a master of fun TV, millet TV full play machine skills fully included, bid farewell to Xiaobai TV from the fun millet TV ...

Let us first review the powerful hardware configuration information of Xiaomi TV: Xiaomi TV adopts Mstar high-end 6A928 processor and has a 1.4GHz quad-core A17 architecture. GPU is Mali-760MP4, 4+4 eight core structure, in addition, the operating memory is 2GB, this configuration is also the top configuration in the TV dedicated processing chip, 4K decoding capability is super, excellent game performance, and advanced hardware architecture with It is a very cutting-edge interface specification. For example, the millet TV host has up to three HDMI 2.0, supports transmission of 60 frames of 4K video, and is not a problem for flagship TVs. For those HDMI 1.4 TVs it is also backward compatible to meet the expanding needs of different user groups. For data transfer, the host provides a USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0. Peripherals and mobile storage devices can take full advantage of high-speed data bandwidth. There is also the addition of an RF interface, which means that the Xiaomi TV host can watch live broadcasts for TVs that do not support round-opening closed-circuit antennas, and can also add monitors, projectors to live broadcasts, and audio upgrades. The application is very extensive.

With the advent of the millet TV 3 host, the sound quality has reached a new height! Compared to the previous generation Soundbar, there has been a qualitative upgrade and leap!

Redesigned speaker system with sound quality comparable to HIFI-class effects! The host audio section is still composed of four 2.5-inch midwoofer speakers and two 20-ball dome tweeters, which maximize the size of the speaker unit within a limited size. The number and parameters to achieve the expected bass dive, with 20-ball dome tweeter, wider frequency response, more fidelity of sound quality! International recording and acoustic master tune the tune! Makes the millet TV host to obtain high fidelity, loudness The shocking sound quality! This system with the metal subwoofer will absolutely make you feel the cinematic experience. The sound quality is really unexpected!

$1 Billion Million Million Video Library Website, 104 Major Video Sites, Greatest Stars, Greatest Stars! Court Plays, Comedy, Korean Dramas, War Dramas, Family Ethical Dramas , everything! Popular variety shows, non-stop updates! Ten million documentaries, to meet every curiosity to explore the unknown! Kids animation area has incomplete cartoons! Millet film and television library is a truly converged open mass of film and television content Platform! The whole family loves to see and want to see it all!

Millet television nine major operating functions summary, what are the operating functions of the millet TV?

Millet TV supports HDR decoding; TV can easily manage home smart devices; Bluetooth Bluetooth remote control new play; Bluetooth millet headset to create a new private audio and video experience; Millet TV online mall features; millet TV super partner screen cast artifact; new firmware support External U disk space expansion; millet TV Soundbar and wireless subwoofer firmware level and sound adjustment; at home can think KTV function.

First, Xiaomi TV supports HDR decoding

Millet TV supports HDR decoding Did you know? This is the hottest TV black technology this year, HDR has a higher requirement for hardware configuration, Xiaomi TV host has top-level processor with high-capacity high-speed storage, top GPU! In the hardware decoding, 60 frames of H.265 video can be perfect Decoding, in addition to different encoded video such as H.264, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc. can also be smoothly supported. See artifacts oh this is!

The host plays an external third-party video file to read: In our lives, we often encounter the need to play downloaded video resources on the host Xiaomi, ultra high-definition Hollywood movie and other issues, of course, Xiaomi host not to mention! First insert the U disk, mobile hard disk or After mimic routing, MIUI TV's high-definition player will recognize these devices. However, the more advanced feature is that it can automatically reorganize the video library in the storage device based on the movie name. MIUI TV version will download the movie cover for us. It will change the name of the movie file with the download station and code information to the title of the movie. And for those videos without the built-in subtitles, the function of automatically matching the subtitles on the network is very intimate. This feature is very helpful. Do you have an impression!

Second, TV can also easily manage home smart devices

Millet TV host has joined the latest smart home management interface, which can easily manage the home millet routers and smart devices such as water purifiers, air purifiers, smart cameras and wristbands. It directly changes the operation and use restrictions of mobile phone tablet devices. Let the smart home device management settings more simple and convenient! Xiaomi Mall's direct login allows users to buy and get the latest dynamics of the millet products become more direct and convenient! The latest millet TV MIUI TV version of the system is very good! very easy to use!

Third, voice sense Bluetooth new remote control

Millet's latest voice, somatosensory, Bluetooth remote control debut! One of the black technology! Powered by the new 7th battery, with the use of millet 7th Rainbow battery to make electricity last longer, use longer, more convenient battery replacement! Somatosensory remote control can not only use the voice input search function to find the movies and TV programs you most want to watch, but also use the remote control somatosensory function to play fitness games, enter the game gym plate to download baseball, badminton, bowling and other sports games, so busy You can get exercise and relaxation at home! Work and fitness are correct! Let the body be healthier and feel better!

Press and hold the voice key to say the name of the program you want to watch, and the wonderful content is immediately presented! Very intimate features, such a powerful remote controller Is your love machine purchased?

Yunzhi Interactive provides somatosensory games that include popular sports games such as tennis, badminton, baseball, bowling, and darts. You can also enjoy the pleasure of sports in the living room. It is worth a try!

Fourth, millet Bluetooth headset perfect to create a new audio-visual experience

Millet TV Bluetooth function can not only connect the remote control audio and game controller, but also with the millet Bluetooth headset to achieve a quiet viewing experience in the middle of the night! Whether you are a night owl or movie enthusiasts, sporting enthusiasts worth mentioning, fear of affecting family and children to rest Directly open Bluetooth search connection millet Bluetooth headset, the above problems can be solved! Let the audio-visual space more freedom!

When the open detection is enabled, click on the search device and wait for a moment to find the paired Bluetooth device in the searched device options. Select the millet Bluetooth headset to connect to the device!

Back to the desktop, the headphone icon appears in the status bar and the pairing succeeds! The video and audio output are changed to Bluetooth headsets. Next we can enjoy the exclusive audio-visual space at heart!

Five, millet TV online mall features

Xiaomi Mall is on TV. The new TV Mall has the most comprehensive products. The details are classified. The celebrity product crowdfunding and all kinds of activities are synchronized, so that you can watch movies and videos correctly!

Six, millet TV super partner - cast screen artifact

Xiaomi screen-casting artifact is a millet TV development tool APP developed by Xiaomi, which controls the connection of the millet TV by the mobile phone terminal and the TV under the same WIFI signal. Millet screen cast APP has many built-in functions, video, photo projection, online chase, and intercept screen function, so that each wonderful moment a key to save, treasure box function class integrated clean-up master, network testing, local application projection installation Such functions, are very easy to use and practical, when you can not find the remote control can also use the cast screen artifact built-in wireless remote control for remote control, cast screen artifact is easy to use and fun, it is artifact!

Seventh, new firmware supports external U disk space expansion

Millet TV brand new firmware can perfectly realize the game file is installed to the external U disk function, with this solution mother will no longer have to worry about space is not enough, the game can not be installed! The user long-awaited extension function to join any large game Can be easily installed, with millet Bluetooth handle to play all kinds of games classic masterpiece, such a high configuration, strong GPU performance does not play games, it is a pity!

Eight, millet TV Soundbar and wireless subwoofer firmware level and sound adjustment

Millet TV 2 Home Theater Edition is equipped with a set of sound-absorbing, low-pitched Soundbar and wireless subwoofers as standard! Known as the "first home theater for young people" this audio system can upgrade firmware, playability Very high! In order to allow users to have a better entertainment experience, engineers will continue to improve TV firmware and speaker firmware updates so that the two are perfectly matched to achieve the ultimate effect. Xiaomi's standard Soundbar upgrade has two methods, TV-end upgrades and mobile app upgrades. At the same time mobile phone APP can also fine-tune the sound, this is the Soundbar firmware upgrade tutorial;

After the firmware is found on the TV, it will be pushed to the user, allowing the user to choose whether or not to upgrade. Through the long-term use experience of Xiaobian, the latest audio firmware on the TV end sometimes cannot be searched, and you want to experience more stable sound effects or depend on it. Mobile phone millet audio APP to operate;

Open the millet audio APP and agree to open the Bluetooth connection Soundbar. After successful connection, enter the software's main interface. When there is a new firmware update, a dot mark appears in the upper right corner of the firmware upgrade button.

Click the firmware upgrade button. The upgrade is divided into four phases: download, write, upgrade, and completion. The upgrade can be completed in two or three minutes. During the upgrade process, to ensure the success rate and do not damage the hardware, please keep the Soundbar from powering down, do not shut down or switch back to the desktop, and ensure that the app runs normally until it is successfully prompted! We will remind everyone here to avoid unnecessary trouble!

After reminding you that the upgrade is successful, you can enjoy the perfect experience brought by the latest version. The downgrade operation of Xiaomi Audio is also very simple, and the firmware version rollback operation is also performed through Xiaomi Audio Mobile App;

Press and hold the firmware upgrade button on the main interface of the software. The firmware version upgrade option is displayed. Select the version you want to restore and click Upgrade. The steps are the same as those described in the previous section. It is convenient and highly playable.

Millet sound effects adjustment:

The sound effect style offers a variety of scene settings, you can customize the EQ sound effects, settings can be set to the subwoofer's low volume and other important options!

Nine, at home can think KTV function

Millet TV host has a super HIFI-class sound performance, used to cool the K song! Buy a set of Ki microphones to open the millet TV host Bluetooth, search and match the connection can easily achieve home KTV function, weekend with his wife and children KK song, adults Children are happy and relaxed. It makes a lot of sense!

Final summary:

Xiaomi TV brings us a very good experience with the perfect combination of high configuration and super MITV system. The upgrade of millet TV from generation to generation has the same high quality and immutable ultra-high user experience. MITV System It has also grown in constant progress and progress. The addition of more and more useful new features has made our lives smarter and more convenient. At the same time, various new technologies and new functions also require our constant learning. I am a master of Fun TV! I am also looking forward to more and more interesting tutorials for me to share with me. Through our efforts, more people will know about millet TV, understand millet MITV system, and millet TV come on! Look forward to your better future!

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