Science! How to choose indoor lighting?

Science! How to choose indoor lighting?

How to choose indoor lighting? Is it warmer or colder? In fact, the daily indoor lighting, most people will not place too many colorful lighting colors, mainly color temperature differences. In general, the warm light source looks warmer, but it will weaken the lines and contrast of the home design. Cold light sources are often used more often in the tropics, but in Chengdu, everyone is more inclined to warm the light and make the interior more warm. For this reason, the color selection light is only a part of the indoor lighting program, and it needs to analyze specific problems in combination with climate, lighting, home style and functional space.

Different colors of warm light to enhance the living room multi-level lighting

The most eye-catching light in the living room is the non-centre chandelier. As the main lighting source, the traditional living room still uses a warmer light source with a higher color temperature to create a more ambience. The next step is to strengthen the light source and focus on an object that you want to highlight. Above, for example, a spotlight on a painting, a backlight for a big-named chair, etc. Jiang Mei, a senior designer who has been engaged in design work for many years, said, “This will create a visual focus in the living room so that others may overlook other issues that may exist in the living room, such as narrow space.”

Wall lamp, reading lamp, dining table lamp, function lamp can enhance the level of illumination, so as to create a warm home. However, Jiang Mei mentioned that the best color temperature of these light sources should be similar. For example, the warm light sources of different intensities should be intertwined with each other, so that the cold and warm light sources should not be confused, so as not to make the entire space unfit.

Focus on the functional light source lighting intensity of the kitchen is the key

Compared to the living room, the lighting in the kitchen is better. Because of the outstanding functionality of the kitchen, first of all, the light source lighting intensity must be ensured, and the bright cold light source or neutral light source can make the kitchen have a clean and clean sense of cleanliness. At the same time, the reporter learned that the lamps placed on the workbench can use neutral-colored low-pressure spotlights. The low-pressure spotlights respond well to the rich colors of different foods, not only bringing clear work lighting but also close to daylight. Has been widely used in the kitchen. In addition, the designer Jiang Mei mentioned that the bright light of the cold light source plus the neutral color light on the workbench are particularly suitable for the cleanliness of the white kitchen.

The bathroom light source also has a functional requirement - responsible for illuminating the vanity mirror, so the light selection of the vanity mirror is crucial, neither too strong nor too dark. You can choose a warm light source, especially when you enter the toilet at night, it will not be too bright to interrupt drowsiness.

The bedroom is warm and warm

Then talk about the bedroom. In general, the lighting of the bedroom should be warm and private to achieve the emotional relaxation before going to sleep. Natural warm light is the best. At this time, the decoration of the bedroom is very important. Considering the color of the wall, the matching of the furniture, the shading of the curtain, etc. At the same time, if the bedroom is equipped with a low-wattage table lamp that resembles a candle light source, it will satisfy the warmth and comfort without affecting the basic lighting. In addition, a small LED spotlight can be added to the bedside for reading, which is both convenient and practical.


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