Internet TV five national kill why music as the best TV is worth buying

In the early two-eleventh period, in order to allow users to learn from the process of selecting TVs, Xiao Bian specifically targeted the five most popular 55-inch Internet TVs on the market, focusing on the appearance, price, and hardware configuration of the products. , body material and other aspects of comparison. So, in the end who is the consumer's mind most worth buying 55 TV? Next, Xiao Bian unveiled this layer of mystery for everyone.

First of all, let's look at the comparison chart of these five TVs.

From the above comparison table, we can see that the five products have certain differences in hardware configuration and features. Next, Xiao Bian separately interpreted it for everyone.

1 pursuit of the ultimate all-metal body music as Super TV victory

First of all, from the perspective of the body material, the third generation LeTV X55 all-metal body, even the backplane is also a metal material, it can be seen LeTV in the product design is not hesitate to invest heavily. In addition to the other four televisions, except for the small whale television, other companies also use metal elements in the body's material, but it is still not comparable to LeTV.

2. Hardware parameters go hand in hand with five companies

In terms of hardware configuration, the gap between the five products is not large. The Mstar 6A928 processor is a popular lover for Internet TV companies, but coocaa (cool open) has taken a different route and uses a non-mainstream Hass processor. This may be related to Skyworth’s corporate approach that has not always followed an unusual path. It is a bit unpredictable.

3. EUI system features rich music as the obvious ecological advantages

For the current stage of smart TV, the system can be said to be the brain of TV. LeTV, Microwhale, Xiaomi, PPTV, CoolOpen have their own unique insights on the system. From the above comparison table, we can see that LeTV is a super TV. The EUI function is relatively comprehensive and rich, and it includes almost all the essence of the other four Internet TVs, and also has its own unique advantages, such as far-speaking voice function, gesture recognition technology, LeEco game center and so on. In addition, the ease of use is also the EUI system to leave the user with the most profound impression.

4. Exclusive gaming accessories LeTV Super TV has obvious advantages

In terms of TV accessories, LeTV Super TV has further enriched the user's home entertainment life with its super gun king and super somatosensory camera. The innovative interactive experience is where small whale, millet, PPTV, cool-opening companies need to learn from. Although the micro whale and millet also have Bluetooth handles to enhance the entertainment of the TV, such a combination cannot allow people to interact with the TV deeply. Cool TV can connect Bluetooth headset, this approach feels a little tasteless, after all, television is a device shared with their families, with the headphones themselves feel really slightly inhuman.

5. Do not forget the original vision of LeTV Super King

Price is a cliché topic. From the data in the price list, we can see that the price of LeTV 3,699 yuan is the most affordable of these five products. Regardless of design or hardware parameters, LeTV is the king of impeccable value for money.

Finally, I believe that after watching the comparison of LeTV, Microwhale, Xiaomi, PPTV, and CoolTV, which are five 55-inch Internet TVs, which of the 55-inch TVs is the most worthwhile to buy consumers has already had the answer in the mind, and if so, it must be quickly selected. Buy it.

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