China West 345kV transformer won the bid for the North American market

Recently, China West Power successfully won the bid for the 345kV-180MVA and 115kV- 90MVA transformer projects of Signal Energy of the United States and has officially signed the contract.

The project includes the design, production, manufacture, transportation, on-site installation and after-sales personnel training of 345kV-180MVA and 115kV-90MVA transformers. At present, the experts of the North American Electric Association have completed the review of the design of the transformers. They have given high evaluations of the progress of the project and the design, production, and manufacturing capabilities of China West Power Equipment.

For a long time, the North American power market has been dominated by multinational companies in Europe and America. The successful signing of the project marks the first breakthrough in China's Western Electric to achieve a voltage grade of more than 330kV in the North American market, which is of milestone significance to the development of the North American power market by China West Power.

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