Business home suitable for micro-projection smart projection Z1 evaluation

When it comes to projection, many people think of office meetings and school teaching. It is often seen that a huge projection is placed on the shout. Through a single projector, a larger screen can be projected so that the entire person present can be seen at a glance. . At the same time, because of the use of scenes, usually these projections are silent, and it feels a bit overwhelming. However, after the projector entered the home field, it exerted a greater advantage. Approaching thousands of projections is more often used for watching movies. Large-screen images and external speakers add to the feeling of being in a movie theater. Of course, due to the space, home projectors often put the machine in In the air. Because of this, the limitations of traditional stature have reversed the unity of the use of functional scenes. However, with the emergence of micro-projection, this micro-projection model can be used anywhere. We can take micro-projections anywhere and anytime. Because of its rich scalability, even if there is no network, we can use external storage to play resources.

Today we are introducing a miniature projector called Micro Projection Intelligent Projection Z1. It takes into account the advantages of traditional and miniature projections, and it is used in business applications such as web browsing, WPS office reading, and wireless screen sharing. Other practical functions include USB extensions, peripheral extensions, picture browsing, and third-party application extensions. Of course, the built-in speaker design allows many families to save a set of audio budget.

The product packaging is white overall, and the frontal image of a product allows one to recognize the characteristics of the product at a glance.

Product packaging is not luxurious, but it is used. It can be seen that each accessory is arranged in an orderly manner, especially the host and remote control parts are well protected. The product accessories are rich, including black host, power cord, remote controller, HDMI cable and manual. However, what is less obvious is that the remote controller does not have a battery, and the HDMI cable is not long enough.

The remote control has 14 functions and 18 functions. There is a indicator light in the middle of the direction key. It can be seen that the remote control has a more rounded appearance and is easy to hold, while the back of the remote control has an obvious curvature design. The battery uses two 7-cell batteries.

The HDMI cable is really a bit short and it is less than a meter in sight, but basically the projection does not need the HDMI cable. The power supply uses a laptop-like design that is designed for power cords and adapters.

Looking at the host part below, the lens front is equipped with a rubber protective cover, which can play a very good protective role, and the soft texture will not cause the cover to hit the lens and cause the lens to wear out. This is a lot of attention with some projections with plastic covers. Pull out the cover to see the part of the lens, and a silver circle on the outside plays a good decorative role, which is the finishing touch for the whole black body.

Just mentioned the black body, although the black is relatively low-key in the digital product, but the micro-cast music Z1 fuselage similar to the piano design, compared to traditional paint design products, there is no obvious stains Although it is similarly easy to contaminate fingerprints, it can be easily removed with a light rub.

The front of the fuselage is equipped with a power button and seven touch buttons, allowing users to use more convenient. At the top of the lens is a focus adjustment knob that allows you to achieve a clear picture no matter how far away the projection is. However, compared to some professional projection products, micro-cast music Z1 less screen size adjustment. Because in the course of use, it is found that the projection size of Z1 is relatively large, which results in the need to place the projection at a closer distance from the projection screen during use, otherwise the screen will be too large to affect the projection effect. After all, it is not human People have a big white wall, of course, users can own a screen that is best, put the screen down when used, so that the projection background appears more pure, so that will not let the home furnishings into the projection screen and affect the viewing The effect is.

The left side of the fuselage is covered with strips of heat dissipation, which can play a very good cooling effect. Due to the compact design of the fuselage, after a period of use, it will obviously feel a burning sensation, so heat dissipation is very important. The corresponding right side is an extension of the machine. From left to right, it includes micro USB, headphone jack, TF card slot, HDMI port, USB, and power port. In terms of expansion, micro-cast music Z1 is indeed more abundant.

The back of the fuselage is relatively simple, in addition to the nameplate part, the four corners are designed with rubber feet to play a non-slip effect, while the right side is also designed with a heat vent, and the tripod fixing hole is added between the nameplate and the heat vent, so that at home You can also watch the projection steadily.

At the same time equipped with an adjustable screw itself can adjust the height of the projection screen without any assistance in the body, it is also very convenient.

After the power is turned on, it can be seen that the next power light is on, and the touch button on the top of the camera will light up briefly. Here is a bit of a small proposal, because the current micro-projection is really relatively hot, and many of the products we know have provided the body with its own power supply, this thought that micro-cast music Z1 has the same figure, looking forward to whether there is a battery design, the result Found a little bit of regret.

Micro-cast music Z1's range of projection distance is very large, can achieve high-definition picture quality from close to distant, in the background of the author appearance shooting, in such a short distance can also be a clear projection screen.

In order to facilitate taking pictures, use a small screen to show the function of the product. Micro-cast music Z1 main interface has three pages, which are practical functions, applications and settings. In the function includes the webpage, the office, the projection screen, the photograph, the video, the music. It is worth noting that these functions need to be implemented through extensions, so it can be seen as more suitable for office scenarios. In addition to the existing application selection in the application, a large number of third-party applications can be downloaded and installed through the application market. However, if you enter the application market, you need Google account login, so if you do not bother to use it, you can download the application into USB or TF storage and then install it on the projector. The settings include network, display, sound, language, projection, and more.

Micro cast music Z1 feature set more abundant.

Internet access is available through WIFi. The default link is microposter. You can see the introduction of the new product Z1.

Through the video application that comes with the camera body, you can directly watch the video, including TV, Youku, etc.

However, in the use of Youku and other applications, found that the built-in remote control can not be as convenient as operating the main interface, but need to open the mouse mode, but the slow response of this mode will really affect the experience of the entire machine experience, but the author With a mouse, it solves this problem perfectly.

Just mentioned that the application store on the main interface needs to login to Google account to use. However, in the application, the author also found a lot of software that can be used to download third-party applications, such as Tencent Application Po. However, the same as Youku, you need to cooperate with the mouse to operate normally.

By inserting a U disk, third-party applications can be installed, and photos, video, music, and other files can also be read.

This micro-cast music Z1 is not just a simple home micro-projection, this time from the use of WPS office software can only be read to delete and copy, but not normal editing, but compared to other similar products have a lot of effort Now.

Of course, micro cast music also has a wireless projection function, and through the wireless connection with smart devices such as mobile phones, to achieve projection screen projection mobile phone synchronization screen. Such as photo video chat, what you can vote on what you want to vote.

Play a somatosensory game with a mobile phone, let the projection projection screen, and the phone can be just a pure handle, and the wall has become a large display, at the same time bring their own speakers, mobile phone speakers will be corresponding silent, this feeling is really cool .

to sum up

Because of the fiery scene of micro-investment, many brands are inevitably involved in the projection market. Compared with so many similar brands, micro-cast music Z1 did not prove that he is the best. However, through the pricing of the product and the overall effect after the actual experience, the dual positioning of the micro-cast music Z1 is enough to allow most of the users with two-way choices to participate in their embrace. However, this is not the only selling point of the micro cast music Z1. The same extensive expansion also allows users to increase a lot of fun. Although in the brightness, micro-cast music Z1 obviously dark, but by daylight curtains or good night light, these are not a problem. After all, any product can not be exhaustive, if you want to talk about a bit of personal advice, it is hoped that the follow-up products of micro cast music can consider to bring their own battery design, although perhaps this is only a tasteless function, but more than one battery can certainly When you need to meet the need at a crucial moment.

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